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65 Degrees cafe 13th Jan

Today I visited 65 degrees cafe early in the morning with
my good friend Edwin. We set out rather early (6:00am) to be exact.
Rather a miserable day, raining, humid, and rather uncomfortable.
We stepped into the cafe and The comment from Ed was that is was a
rather discreet place. O told him that the worlds best Barista
worked owned the place. He was surprised. Anyway, I ordered some
scrambled eggs with mushrooms on the side. and of course a latte.
Ed ordered a latte with a serve of the ricotta pancakes. When we
get our coffees I immediately see Ed going for the sugar. Hmm.
Anyway. I took a taste and found it pretty good. I have been there
before, and enjoyed as much the first time ad the second. As I was
tasting and talking to Ed, I thought to myself, I really need to
get some sort of consistency to the rating process. Even Ed
mentioned this. Something to consider down the track. The scrambled
eggs were really nice. Well made and suitable size serving. This
was also enjoyable. Ed really enjoyed his pancakes. Something
different he said. The coffee. I really loved the whole experience
of the coffee. It was smooth, without being too milky. I often find
that some places hide the poor quality of coffee by increasing the
volume of milk in the latte. This was not the case here. Rating I
will give 65 degrees a 7. The whole experience was great for the
latte. Just to my liking.


nosh@newport 12 January

Today I visited Nosh@newport in the morning for some scrambled eggs and a latte.
It was a little hard to find for me, but managed to get there.

I came in as soon as it opened up, so there were no other customers, As they stared to come in, it seems that they have a few regulars.

The scrambled eggs came out on a piece of sourdough toast. Beautiful. tasted really nice.

The latte came out first, and i decided to take a sip. hmmm.. Nice. very smooth, and not so harsh on the taste buds. Very well made I thought.

I have to give this one a 5 as well. It sits in the same steed as The Corner Shop. Very well rounded, and taste great as soon as it hits your mouth.

Tre Bichierri 10th January

Today I dropped by Tre Bichierri. I ordered a latte as well as a croissant, Roma tomato and cheese. The croissant was really good. Can’t remember the cheese that was on it, but really well made.

The coffee

Again it seemed like a darker roast, which really is not my preference. But again was smooth and enjoyable. I have to admit, this is now showing me that the instant I have been trying has been rubbish.

Rating :

5. Can’t say it swept me off my feet, but was an enjoyable coffee. Would definitely go back.

The Maling Room – 09th Jan

Today was a rather impromptu visit to The Maling Room. It was quite busy for an early (9:15am) Sunday morning. I ordered a latte and scrambled eggs. Scrambled came out first followed by the latte. The eggs were really nice. One common line I have is ” it’s scrambled eggs, you can’t go wrong” but often not always the case. The coffee. This particular coffee I didn’t enjoy as much as The Corner Shop in the beginning. It had a more roasted texture. But not as “harsh” as others I have had in the past. The overall experience was good ,
and the taste of the coffee was still in my mouth well after the event.

Rating :

I have to say I give it a 5 again. I guess that the
dark roast really turned it down a couple of points. But that is my
preference and I guess we all don’t have the same taste.

The Corner Shop 06 Jan

The Corner Shop

Today I visited The Corner Shop. It is located in Yarraville. I had a
take away latte. I thought it would be best if I were to order the
same coffee all the time, it would be a better measure than
ordering different coffees and different places. And a latte for me
is stock standard. I took my first sip and immediately thought “
this is going to be a great challenge. I am going to enjoy this “.
I thought it was a really good coffee, even though it only rated 1
bean in the book. (3 is the highest). I was hoping to try the food
as well , however it was really busy, so I guess might have to
check it out again. Rating : 5 out of 10. As this is the first in
my challenge, I think this score is unfair to The Corner Shop.
However I need to start somewhere. I may go back and review this
score at a later date.

Melbourne’s Top 100 Coffee Challenge

This Christmas as I was shopping , I came across something that I thought never existed, and was I thought a great idea. Its a book that list the top 100 coffees in Melbourne. It’s called The Melbourne Coffee Review. I got the 2011 edition and thought it would be a great idea to see whether in this calendar year I could visit all 100 mentioned coffee spots in the book. As we don’t have all the time in the world, it is a tougher challenge than
originally thought, though the greater the challenge. I am in the process of creating a calendar to develop a schedule, which I plan to give my friends so they can join when time permits as well. So it starts on the 6th of January.