The Corner Shop

Today I visited The Corner Shop. It is located in Yarraville. I had a
take away latte. I thought it would be best if I were to order the
same coffee all the time, it would be a better measure than
ordering different coffees and different places. And a latte for me
is stock standard. I took my first sip and immediately thought “
this is going to be a great challenge. I am going to enjoy this “.
I thought it was a really good coffee, even though it only rated 1
bean in the book. (3 is the highest). I was hoping to try the food
as well , however it was really busy, so I guess might have to
check it out again. Rating : 5 out of 10. As this is the first in
my challenge, I think this score is unfair to The Corner Shop.
However I need to start somewhere. I may go back and review this
score at a later date.