Today was a rather impromptu visit to The Maling Room. It was quite busy for an early (9:15am) Sunday morning. I ordered a latte and scrambled eggs. Scrambled came out first followed by the latte. The eggs were really nice. One common line I have is ” it’s scrambled eggs, you can’t go wrong” but often not always the case. The coffee. This particular coffee I didn’t enjoy as much as The Corner Shop in the beginning. It had a more roasted texture. But not as “harsh” as others I have had in the past. The overall experience was good ,
and the taste of the coffee was still in my mouth well after the event.

Rating :

I have to say I give it a 5 again. I guess that the
dark roast really turned it down a couple of points. But that is my
preference and I guess we all don’t have the same taste.