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Set Shot, 25th Feb

I found this place after a little while of searching. As it was behind the tram station in a dimly lit corner, it was difficult to find. I did find it though. It was a small place and you could tell by the location it would get busy.

I simply ordered the latte to take away today. Was in a bit of a rush. Anyway I got it in a takeaway cup. Immediately took the lid off and took a whiff of it. Not too bad. Nice aroma. I took my first sip and noticed the lack of body in the coffee. I normally find that these coffees are strong, acidic and rather bitter. But this was a little different. It was rather simple tasting, nice and balanced. It was a good coffee, and would have to agree with the 2 bean rating in the coffee review. It wasn’t the best coffee, but definitely something to consider if you are in the area.

Rating. 5. Nice coffee.


Postal Hall, 24th Feb

Traffic in the morning is getting worse. I got up this morning a little earlier as I was planning to go to Postal Hall which opened at 6 am. Thought I would try and beat the traffic. Hmmmm.

Anyway, rocked up to Postal Hall, and a quaint place it was. The waiter behind the counter was a friendly sort, which made the place warm. I ordered a latte and a croissant with jam.

The croissant was very well made, almost had a home made feel to it.

The coffee
The acidity and aroma of the coffee was balanced. Not overpowering, but you could notice the presence of them. It lacked a bit of body though. Obviously wasn’t in the scope of 65 degrees, but was a nice coffee. I have found that with the lack of body, there is a lack of the “smooth” feeling, that has been clearly present in the Proud Mary coffee.

Rating. 5. Nice coffee, although it did lack something. Definitely not a bad coffee though by any means.

Proud Mary, 23rd Feb

Woke up a little late again today and was rushing to get to eds place. Today the dynamic duo were off to Proud Mary. Ed also slept in so at least we were in sync.

We made our way to Proud Mary battling more traffic than required. We found the place rather easily, which was good. We ended up there just as they were opening.

Although it was just off Wellington rd in collingwood, it seemed like secluded spot. We were there rather early though.

Ed ordered some bean dish, on toast with a slice of bacon. He enjoyed the meal. He commented that the menu was a good one, with many choices. I agree. It was a good wholesome breakfast menu.

I ordered scrambled eggs on toast with a side of mushrooms. Stock standard. This tasted great. The scrambled were done really well, with the right amount of creaminess. The mushrooms were ok. Not great but not bad. Really impressed with the scrambled though.

The coffee. Delightful. I am still having a hard time to determine whether it was better then 65 Degrees. Ed was still adamant that St Ali was the best, even though he came really close. it was a well bodied coffee, the aroma and acidity of the coffee were basically all in sync. The first sip told the story. It was extremely smooth, tasteful with a hint of sweetness that really added to the experience (without sugar Ed !). Great.

I ended up having 2, though I am only judging it on the first one. I let the other one sit till it was colder.

Rating. 7. On par with 65 Degrees. I argued a long time with myself, but have to say it was good. It will be hard to beat either of those coffees.

Social Roasting Company, 22nd Feb

I may get shot for this, but this was a predominantly white cafe in an African community. Interesting. Nice ambience inside though. Rather an American Diner feel to it. Wooden chairs and tables, classic white music with a token black song in the middle.

Ordered poached eggs with a side of mushroom, and the latte.

The all day breakfast menu looked inviting. However, when the food came out I was not overly impressed. But wasn’t that bad.

The coffee.
It came out and immediately didn’t like it. The color was dark, and just felt strong. There was an overpotent aroma as well that did not add to it.
I took a taste and the bitterness was clearly present. A lack of body in the coffee also that didn’t help. The coffee was strong. I guess some people like that. But not for me. Anyway, I went ahead and drank it in between my all day breakfast. I wouldn’t say it was a bad coffee. But defintaley not a good one. Taste though is an individual thing. I cannot say that everyone will not like this coffee. It was obvious that they had a regular clientele, (again predominantly white) and the whole idea is to please your clients.

Rating. 4. Reason. All of the above.

Mr Tulk, 21st Feb

A larger place on the side of the State Library Building, Mr Tulk has s nice feel to it’s cafe. It did not look like it was a spot where you would get good coffee. Just decent coffee.

The coffee.
The aroma of the coffee was quite good. It had a darker roast aroma, which I like. But normally these coffees are harsh. In this case no. I took my first sip and the flavor was quite non distinct. Maybe a little to much milk. It was full bodied. The acidity was not over indulgent. But the whole coffee was balanced. Not really bad aftertaste.

Rating. This was probably a 5 for me. Was a good coffee.

St Ali, 18th Feb.

Slept in this morning a little, and was suppose to pick Edwin up at 6:15am. This was not to be, so our trek to St Ali started off late, given that we had to track through city traffic. Edwin had been to St Ali before, so he knew where to park. It is located in a small alley in south Melbourne, and I would have had trouble finding this spot.

It had a very good ambience about it, tucked away, but not far from the main
st. Ed has mentioned that this is the best coffee he has had. I was a bit skeptical, as 65 degrees for me was the one. The menu is a little off mainstream, but definitely worth a look. Ed invited another friend Lee to join us for the coffee pleasure. Lee ordered a flat white, Ed and I had the latte, always the same for me. For breakfast I ordered the stock standard. Ed ordered something with artichokes and mushroom. Lee ordered some plain toast with vegemite. It is fair to say that we all enjoyed the breakfast. I enjoyed the scrambled eggs, very delightful.

The coffee
I took one sip, and immediately understood why Ed liked this coffee. It was full bodied, excellent flavor and a decent aroma. It was again a balanced coffee. Nothing lacking at all. However, after carefully analyzing the coffee, had a good sniff, and taste, my preference was still 65 degrees. Ed and Lee ordered another coffee, but I refrained. Lee mentioned that the first coffee might have been an anomaly. It got me thinking. Maybe thats right. But for me there is only one shot. I will definitely go back. Very enjoyable experience overall.

6.9. Very good coffee , and definitely worth a go. I still think though 65 degrees had the better of the 2, admittedly though, not by much.

Sorry Ed.

Brother Baba Budan, 16th feb.

It was Brother Baba Budan’s turn today. Was planning to go to Cafenetics in Docklands, but traffic was a little too much, especially eith me leaving later. Slept in a little! Anyway, got to this small place, and it had a nice cozy atmosphere. I have noticed now that some of the better places use a “Synesso” machine. I will do some research on this machine to see whether this makes a difference. I guess it would, but the process of making a coffee is all the same isn’t it ?

The coffee.
The aroma of the coffee was very nice. Potent but pleasant. After the taste, it did leave a pleasant after taste. It was not over the top. It was full bodied, and had a good texture to the coffee in the mouth. Enjoyable cup I must say.

6. Something bout this one. I liked it.