This morning I was running a little late for work, but still decided to pop ito he Auction Room for a coffee. No breakfast today.

The place was a little hard to find, though I did find it. Nice atmosphere in the place. Nothing overwhelming. Just a nice place to sit and have a coffee or breakfast. I didn’t get a look at the menu, though.

The coffee.
Acidity. This was at a good level. In the initial taste, it was quite strong. But as the temperature dropped in the coffee, it started to get more mellow. It was quite pleasant.

Body. I liked the body of the coffee. Although it did seem a little milky, not overpowering though. It had a nice feel to it.

Aroma. This is where I thought it lacked a little. Couldn’t get a sense of it.

But the overall experience of the coffee was nice. Enjoyable

Rating. I would have to give this a 5. Not better than the rest but definitely not worse. As mentioned previously will have to reassess the rating down the track.