Sometimes I wonder about places like Cafe Trutrack. It’s a cafe with no visible offices around, just a couple of small ones. I think how do they get their regular client base. Although I did not have a look around the area to see exactly what was in the area. When I walked into this for the first time, I didn’t know what I should do. Is it table service, or is it order at counter. I looked on the specials board. Nothing took my fancy for breakfast. I probably looked confused. The person behind the bar new I was hungry, but at this point I hadn’t seen a menu. So I said I will have a muffin. Then he asked whether I wanted a toastie. I said sure. Cheese and tomato please. The kitchen looked small, so still wasn’t sure whether they had scrambled eggs or something. I said I will have to eat in and was requested to take a seat and boom. There it was. The menu! Obviously it was a table service joint, and it had a full breakfast menu !!! Just goes to show. Should simply ask.

The toastie. This simply has to be the best toastie I have had for some time. Don’t know whether it was the tasty cheese or the way it was grilled. But man it was good. Simply cheese and tomato.

The coffee.

Acidity. It seems that the initial taste always has a strong tone to it. As you near the bottom of the glass, it becomes more consistent and smooth. This coffee had a balanced acidity. During the middle of the coffee it had the perfect balance.

Body. I thought it was a little light, but not to cause the coffee to be not pleasurable. It must have been roasted a touch dark. Just like me. But no way destracted from the experience.

Aroma. The darker roast came through in the aroma. It smelt like “coffee”. Again, not taking anything away fr the coffee.

Rating. It was an overall good experience. I will rate this one a 5.5 on the “Arny scale”. It just has something on the others for me.