As soon as I walked into the cafe, an overwhelming aroma of coffee hit me. Fantastic I thought. I was going to enjoy this coffee.

Ordered a cheese and tomato croissant This looked quite nice in the window. And of course the latte. I was looking forward to this coffee. I don’t know why.

Got the croissant first. Took a bite. Yum. This was really nice. Grilled exactly right, or to my liking anyway.

The coffee.
Again, the first mouthful of coffee showed a little more bitterness or acidity than the rest of the coffee
Just trying to understand what the taste buds go through with the first taste of the coffee. As you start drinking more and more of the coffee, you start to appreciate the taste and feel of the coffee more. It was full bodied, not considerably milky, but just nice. And the aroma. Really good. As a result the overall experience o he coffee was good. Lived up to my expectations , as i had walked in, although as previously mentioned, you should not have any expectations. It just diminishes the experience.

Rating. 6. This was a good coffee.