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The Cup of Truth, 31st March

This place was hard to find. With a Degraves st address, it was located in an underground arcade. I found it though, after some searches on the net. I didn’t realize, but the owner actually had a cup of truth. It was $3.50 for a coffee. I got the coins out, and he simply asked me to put it in “the cup”. Obviously had too much faith in human honesty. He was a good character though. Made me laugh in the morning, and put a good start to the day.

The coffee
Again the initial taste was “harsh”. It was full bodied, with a subtle aroma. As I drank the coffee though, it got better. By the end of the coffee, I felt like I had enjoyed that coffee. Definitely not disappointed. It left s good taste in my mouth.

Rating. 6.5 Good coffee. Enjoyable.


Toby’s Espresso Bar, 30th March

Hayden decided to join me today on my journey. Being number 35 or something like that, I realized I am 1/4 way through. So actually on track for my target. A little milestone if you can call it that. On the way there, Hayden mentioned what a great 40th he went to on the weekend. Sounded like fun. With my Vegas 40th coming, it sounded like a challenge to meet.
Haven’t caught up with Hayden for s while, so this was a good opportunity to catch up, and enjoy a good coffee as well, hopefully.

Toby’s is a small place, not serving much food, and basically the shop consisted of s coffee machine, and sink.

The coffee.
Hayden mentioned it was creamy. Nice. I liked the body of the coffee. The only thing that got me was the initial taste. It had a “bitter” feel to it first up. I don’t know why that is. I have experienced this before. Maybe I need to understand why this happens first. But after the initial “taste shock”, the coffee was good. I enjoyed it. Balanced, good level of acidity, full bodied, and a nice hit of aroma. Even Hayden enjoyed it without sugar (yes sugar freak).

Rating. 6. It’s good. Enjoyable.

Truffula Seed, 29th March

Being out if the way a little, right on the corner of spring and flinders, it really is out of the way.

I found the place after some time. they only serve coffee, and a couple of small cakes. Looks like their regular clientele are all in house.

The coffee
The coffee was full bodied, and this was assisted with the extra milk in the coffee. I ordered a medium, and should have gone with a small. It had little acidity, no bitterness, but smooth. Didn’t have the kick I was hoping for.

Rating. 5.5. Nice coffee, but maybe a little weak.

Liar Liar, 27th March

Although it was a Sunday, I had the opportunity to go to Hawthorn and visit Liar Liar with Ian. It was just off the main road, easy to find. Today was an exceptional day, according to the staff working behind the bar. It wasn’t normally so busy on a Sunday. It had a nice atmosphere, a good suburban coffee place. The place was packed. The kitchen was so flat out the waiters were going to everyone and explaining the wait. ” the kitchen staff are run off their feet, and will be a 25min wait” I ordered poached eggs with mushroom and hollandaise sauce. When it finally came, this thing was good. Enjoyed it. Ian ordered the Big liar. Scrambled with chorizo. They ran out of chorizo. Ian was looking forward to this so that was disappointing for him.

The coffee.
Initial taste was quite involved. A tinge of bitterness straight to the back of the throat. Settled after a while. Nice body. Good aroma. Acidity was not overwhelming.

Rating. 6. Good coffee.

Journal Cafe, 28th March

The Journal Cafe was easy to find on flinders lane. It is a quaint place, nice place to get together with a few friends and enjoy some coffee before work.

The coffee.
I found this coffee a little light if I can say. It lacked body, and had a tinge of bitterness. Still good coffee though. Although, again not too sure about the cup sizes. They are a little smaller these days.

Rating 5.5 a little better then the standard.

Omar and the marvelous coffee bird, 23rd March

Setting out early in the morning with ed, this was rather an impromptu visit to Omar. We left at 6:15am, to joyfully make our way to see Omar and the marvelous coffee bird. It had a 3 bean rating. Must be good. Ed could read his navigator like a female, and after making a few U turns, we arrived. “winning” as some would say. Breakfast. No scrambled eggs. What the ? This is the second place with no scrambled eggs. What sort of place opens at 6:00 am and doesn’t serve scrambled eggs. Clearly Omar was flying high with his marvelous coffee bird on weed. Anyway. Ed ordered a macadamia toast with marscarpone. I ordered a croissant with cheese and tomato. Clearly my dish was less gay then eds. But he’s got 2 kids. He has proven his manhood, twice.

The coffee.
The acidity of the coffee was a little dull. Not as vibrant as the other 3 beaners. Admittedly though, the aroma and body were quite balanced, in the same vein as 65 Degrees, Proud Mary or Seven Seeds. The other noticeable factor was the size of the glass. They say size doesn’t matter. But if I’m
Paying $3.50 or something for a coffee, it does !

Rating. 6.5. It was good, but not great.

Post Script
I normally do not order a second coffee, but in this instance, I did. The barista is not consistent. There was a distinct difference in the coffees. Even sugar freak mentioned it. Hmmmm!!!

Cafe Romeo, 24th March

The aroma of coffee hits you as soon as you enter the door of the cafe. A nice perfume as well. It felt like the coffee would be strong. They have their own blend, which would make this journey rather interesting. Cafe Romeo, situated in Balwyn, is a small cafe, with some sweet food offered only. Donuts, croissants, biscuits etc. I went fir a custard filled croissant. Yummy.

The coffee.

The color of the coffee was quite dark. The aroma it self also stood out. The coffee was strong. The shot of espresso used for the latte was visibly more then other places I have visited. As they use a darker roast blend, or as it seems, this added to the acidity of the coffee. It was not as full bodied, and had a distinct aftertaste. For me personally it was a little bitter. Although I can understand the background of the owners. Traditional Italian, which is the style of coffee offered.

5. It wasn’t for me, but I can understand the style of coffee offered at this establishment.