It was Eds sons christening today, so decided to drop in to Balaclava for some breakfast and a latte. Was I didn’t realize that this place was a little “vegetarian”. Was seriously hoping for some scrambled eggs on toast. This wasn’t going to happen. Bloody vegetarians. Whats going on. Eggs are a fruit !

Ordered a Mexican bean dish with feta and chilli jam. This should be interesting I thought. Especially being he cameraman at the christening. List of sounds effects awaiting.

The beans were different. The chilli jam was nice, though not sure about the beans themselves. Ti be honest it wad more a lunch or dinner dish then breakfast. Maybe that’s where I ordered wrong. I should have gone fit the bird food.

The coffee.

It had an attractive aroma, a full body and a pleasant acidity to the coffee. It went down well. They use an organic milk, so don’t know how much difference this makes. It had an unusual aftertaste. Not bitter. But different.

Rating. 6.5 Very good coffee, just fell short from the other places I like.