Setting out early in the morning with ed, this was rather an impromptu visit to Omar. We left at 6:15am, to joyfully make our way to see Omar and the marvelous coffee bird. It had a 3 bean rating. Must be good. Ed could read his navigator like a female, and after making a few U turns, we arrived. “winning” as some would say. Breakfast. No scrambled eggs. What the ? This is the second place with no scrambled eggs. What sort of place opens at 6:00 am and doesn’t serve scrambled eggs. Clearly Omar was flying high with his marvelous coffee bird on weed. Anyway. Ed ordered a macadamia toast with marscarpone. I ordered a croissant with cheese and tomato. Clearly my dish was less gay then eds. But he’s got 2 kids. He has proven his manhood, twice.

The coffee.
The acidity of the coffee was a little dull. Not as vibrant as the other 3 beaners. Admittedly though, the aroma and body were quite balanced, in the same vein as 65 Degrees, Proud Mary or Seven Seeds. The other noticeable factor was the size of the glass. They say size doesn’t matter. But if I’m
Paying $3.50 or something for a coffee, it does !

Rating. 6.5. It was good, but not great.

Post Script
I normally do not order a second coffee, but in this instance, I did. The barista is not consistent. There was a distinct difference in the coffees. Even sugar freak mentioned it. Hmmmm!!!