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Porgie and Mr Jones, 23rd April

This is a little unusual for me today, but I managed to get 2 of the top 100 into the schedule today.  Ed and Mary wanted to make the most of their time out, and why not.

We ended up at Porgie and Mr Jones, a couple of Km’s away from Coffee Max.  This was a great hidden spot, although it was rather busy, suggesting that maybe not so hidden.  Many people, and as we walked through the kitchen into the courtyard out back, we realised why.  The plates they were serving up looked great.  Yummy !!  Looking forward to the food here.  And the ambience of the place was great too. Friendly staff added to the experience, and a great way to have breakfast.  The Sun was out, beautiful day, I could not have picked it better myself.

We haven’t had a chance to catch up in a while, as Ed and Mary have been busy with the kids, and work has certainly kept me occupied.  It was a good chance to talk about what has been going on, what will be going on, etc.  Regrettably I had missed Ed’s birthday this month (so I wont call him the sugar freak for a couple of posts, however, it still remains.  Still manages to put in half a teaspoon !!) 

Mary and I ordered a omelette style dish folded with goats cheese and herbs (no, not the happy kind).  Ed ordered something with meat.  We all enjoyed our breakfast.  Food was nice, the area was nice, birds chirping in the background, warm sunny day, couldn’t ask for more.  The company was the icing on the cake.   Thanks guys for an enjoyable morning out. (and thanks for paying)

The Coffee

The aroma of the coffee was very pleasant.  It had a really nice flavour to it.  when I took my first taste, I noticed that it was a little stronger than that of Coffee Max, and the acidity of the coffee was present more so.  Not bitter, but really to my liking.  It was full-bodied, and it seemed that they had the mixture right.  Mary ordered a Soya Latte, and she enjoyed her coffee as well, which is a little unusual given that Soya milk doesn’t have the greatest of aftertaste. 

Rating.  6.   It was good, and definitely worth a try.


Coffee Max, 23rd April

Ed and Mary had a chance to catch up with me for a coffee on a Saturday, which is rare.  They had to get their car washed, therefore we chose Camberwell as our spot fo coffee today.  Coffee Max was on Burke Rd, and did not have any breakfast on the menu, just some small snacks.

We thought we would go for a coffee here and breakfast around the corner (with another coffee !!).  We might be caffeinated up at the end of the day.

The Coffee

The first taste of the coffee was good.  It was light, smooth, and also a little sweet.  The Aroma was not really getting a show, it needed a stronger aroma I felt.  Also, it lacked the acidity in the coffee, the zing.  Although it was not harsh, it did need something more of the zing on the taste buds.  Overall it was good, just lacked in some areas.

Rating  : 5.5  Could have been better.

Collective Esspresso, 17th April.

It is a nice sunny day. Beautiful Melbourne weather. Cannot complain at all. It’s been a while since my last blog, so this was a great day to get back into it.

Decided to take the time to visit Camberwell. I haven’t been here for a while. Collective Esspresso was the one that was open today. The other from the book, max’s cafe was closed on Sunday’s according to the app.

This is a sociable place. The waiters and waitresses are friendly, the ambience of the place is friendly too.

I ordered poached eggs on multigrain with mushrooms. Looking at the other tables, the servings look decent, and good.

The coffee
The coffee seemed a little sharp. Whether it was the lack of milk , or the blend they were using, it was a little harsh on the palette. It sounds lack lustre , but it definitely was not at the same level as some of the others. Although, it did not have the bitter aftertaste in the back of the throat that some coffees do.

Rating. 5. It wasn’t totally distasteful, however, it wasn’t in the league of the some of the better ones. Maybe it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Las Chicas, 9th April.

I have been relocated fir a little while back to head office, which is near my home. As a result, my “coffee runs” during the week are now limited. I no longer pass the city to go to work. The upside I guess is reduced traveling. As a result I will be making some more weekend escapades for my coffer hit.

Las Chicas is near the heart of Balaclava. A few good places to have a coffee or eat it seems like. I noticed a couple of places I would consider. To be honest never been around here.

I ordered a half serve scrambled eggs on toast, with mushrooms and a hash brown. My “vanilla” dish. The latte was “elementary my dear Watson”. There was a little wait on the food, but the coffee came out straight away.

The food was good. Not the style of scrambled I am used to, but nice. The hash brown was commercial, and the mushrooms had a slightly tart taste. Overall the food was good.

The coffee.
The initial explosion was clearly present in this coffee. Food aroma, very good acidity, and a pleasant taste. The coffee did get better as the end neared.

Rating. 6.5. Good coffee. Definitely worth a shot.

Abbotsford Convent Bakery, 5th April

Setting out in the morning for this one with Hayden was good. Nice morning, a little traffic on the road, and an opportunity to have a good chat.

The name itself was rather godly. Covenant Bakery. I did not know what to expect, but it sounded interesting. It was tucked away just off Johnston st. A very quiet surrounding. We had yo wait a little in the car for the bakery to open. Very nice area, a good tourist spot of family spot if anything too.

I ordered some scrambled eggs on toast, and Hayden ordered a eggs Benedict style dish. Couldn’t remember what it was on the menu.

The food was good. Hayden made the comment. “Coffee was a 6 for me today. Food nice. But a little cold”. For me the food was good.

The coffee
It was a little weak. This time the initial explosion on the tongue did not exist. The aroma was light, but it was a good taste. It was smooth.

Rating. For me it was a 6. Good coffee, no doubt, but still missing the spark of the others.

Bean Counter Cafe, 4th April

Today was a last minute decision. Thought about going to Prahran, but woke up a little late. Getting hard to choose some if these cafe’s now. Opened up the book and this popped up. Right next to the train station, it seemed like a good spot. Nice selection of pastries, and it seemed like there were some fresh muffins in the oven. Blueberry, raspberry, and white chocolate I heard too. Or maybe that was my imagination.

The coffee
Smooth. I ordered take away, and large. It was s smooth coffee, nice aroma, but lacked a bit of tingle on the tongue. Not sure why. The acidity. They use a commercial coffee too. Not sure whether there was too much milk, thud taking away sone of the acidity and adding too much “smoothness”

Rating. Good coffee. 5. It was missing the zing though.