I have been relocated fir a little while back to head office, which is near my home. As a result, my “coffee runs” during the week are now limited. I no longer pass the city to go to work. The upside I guess is reduced traveling. As a result I will be making some more weekend escapades for my coffer hit.

Las Chicas is near the heart of Balaclava. A few good places to have a coffee or eat it seems like. I noticed a couple of places I would consider. To be honest never been around here.

I ordered a half serve scrambled eggs on toast, with mushrooms and a hash brown. My “vanilla” dish. The latte was “elementary my dear Watson”. There was a little wait on the food, but the coffee came out straight away.

The food was good. Not the style of scrambled I am used to, but nice. The hash brown was commercial, and the mushrooms had a slightly tart taste. Overall the food was good.

The coffee.
The initial explosion was clearly present in this coffee. Food aroma, very good acidity, and a pleasant taste. The coffee did get better as the end neared.

Rating. 6.5. Good coffee. Definitely worth a shot.