Hi all, all 1 reader of you. Unfortunately I have been on a coffee hiatus recently. Die to work relocation mainly. But I will continue my journey soon. I am eagerly awaiting my return to the top 100 coffee’s.

It may interest you to know that I actually have not had any coffee of any sort for the past 6 days. This may sound strange. So my first one after some time will be enjoyable. Hope to make it a good one.

I am up to number 43 I think. Or thereabouts. So well on track for my target. I need to hit the half way mark before June. I think this can be achieved.

Just a summary of what I have liked so far. 65 degrees, St Ali, Proud Mary, Seven seeds all stand out as good coffees. The Social Roasting Company has been the worst so far. Though I do intend to give this one a second chance. Some would say it sways from my morals.

I also intend to return to the best 10 and rate the best one of the lot. This will be a hard task.

I’m also organizing a big breakfast at my 100th outing. So if you’re reading this podcast, any of the one of you, please feel free to come along. Better choose this spot right or all we will have is croissants and jam !

Keep on sniffing coffee, or snorting it.