A nine car pile up on the eastern freeway. What a great start to the day. I’m not surprised with some of the fools driving around. Finally made it to Market lane cafe. Took a couple of diversions and made it on time. Interesting set up near the market. They don’t have a kitchen so no hot breakfast. Some nice pastries though. Primarily they sell coffee. They have a few flavors available. I got in and they were playing Paulo Ntinui in the background. Nice and relaxing. All they needed was a hot breakfast and I’d be happy.

I needed some food to start me up, and the lady behind the counter, who was quite cute I have to say, recommended an almond croissant. Boy this was nice. Seriously, everyone should try this. Great.

The coffee
They have 2 styles of brewing. Espresso brewing and pour over brewing. Here is a link to market lane cafe with and explanation of pour over coffee.


It might have been the first coffee they served today. The aroma was nice. Again not overpowering. It had a strong flavor. It was dark roasted. I went for the “traditional” espresso style.very good level of acidity, good body.
Rating. 6.5. The darker, “harsher” roast is not a personal favorite though. I have to go beyond personal though and start thinking of the coffee itself. One day.

I will return, with a hope of trying the pour over brew. This sounds inviting.