Being Friday, and being my day off, I decided to do 2 places today. It was a little more planned than usual. Batch espresso was first on my list, then am planning to go to Miss Jackson.

On my way to Batch, I realized I had never travelled this was before. My IPhone guided me around a couple of small streets, then gradually finding Inkerman st. I didn’t realize that this place was a little Jewish settlement. Have never seen so many people with beards. With gattica, las chicas and some others down the road, it seemed like a coffee hotspot. Great. I think I could live in s place near here, although would probably be on a constant coffee bender. I’m not entirely sure whether being on a coffee bender is better or worse then an alcoholic one. (With an alcoholic one, you tend to remember the good bits, then fall into a comma, and forget all the pain you’ve inflicted on society. A coffee bender however, you’re awake through the whole thing, on a constant buzz with no respite) maybe I should try neither.

The coffee
Very nice design on top. It had a nice strong aroma that didn’t manifest in the taste. I was happy about this. The initial acidity on the tongue was pleasant. Not a bitter aftertaste like some other coffees have too. It was well bodied, and was enjoyable to the last drop.

Rating. 6.5. Up there.