As mentioned in the previous blog, I was suppose to visit New York Tomato. Bafoons. Anyway. I ended up at Espresso 3121. As soon as I walked in, the aroma of food and coffee mixed hit you in the face. It was a good sensation. Maybe that’s next. The all in one shake. Scrambled eggs, a coffee shot, all made into a shake for convenience. Drive through McDonalds, how many sugars with that sir ?

The didn’t offer a ‘cooked’ breakfast as such, but the had croissants, cheese and egg muffins, muesli etc. A healthy alternative. Aghhhhh. Anyway I ordered a cheese and egg muffin.

It was down a small alley way. They offer a couple of coffee beans to sell. Single origin coffee, Bond st House blend. nice cosy place. A bit of Temper Trap playing in the background. I can imagine this as a nice place to have a weekend lunch or something. Being a warehouse environment though I can imagine it could be a cold place in winter.

The coffee.
A little watery I have to say. The acidity and the flavor though were nice. Not sure what makes a watery coffee. It was a nice coffee though. I like a creamier style of coffee. So I guess typically I would go for this type. However, I can’t take away the fact that it was, well what tasted like, a good bean. The strength of the coffee was right. The aroma of the coffee was also good.

Rating. 5.8. Not quite a 6, but definitely better the standard 5.