A cold Autumn morning today.  The car thermometer read 6 degrees, and boy was there a chill outside.  Granted that we do not experience cold like the northern states of the US or Canada, however, for a Melbourbinite, it was cold.  I guess wearing a short sleeve shirt didn’t help.  Going towards Brunswick, the drive was a little “Sherlock Holmes”.  A cold misty morning on Baker St.  Fog was making seeing a little difficult, but, it felt like it was going to be a nice day.

Miss Marmalade, located on Union St, looks quit non descriptive from the outside.

Quite Suburban Street

Miss Marmalade, almost invisible

Inside was cosy.  It had a homely feel, with friendly staff, great atmosphere.  The menu was traditional, usual breakfast items, with lunch items as well.  I just wanted something simple today.  Scrambled eggs on toast.  They serve this with a chillied tomato sauce.  This was nice.  It was made simply, yet looked very delicious.  Scrambled the way I like it.  The scrambled was delish.  The chillied tomato was a great start.

Just the way I like it

The Coffee

Using the 5 Senses Coffee, with a Synesso Machine, I was expecting a good coffee.  Although, I guess you all know my take on expectations.  The coffee had a mild aroma, almost non-existent.  It was a nice aroma though.  The first taste, I could feel the acidity on the tongue, it was full-bodied in flavour, with no sign of bitterness in the coffee.  After a while, the sweetness started to come through in the coffee.  It was enjoyable.

Rating : 6.5  Nice coffee.

Miss Marmalade

Nice Mild Aroma, with a hint of sweetness