Sleeping in this morning was not a good thing. Ended up leaving the house pretty late for my usual standards, 7:00 I think it was. Not only this, but needed to fill up. Passed by one station and thought it wasn’t convenient enough.  Went on the freeway, and of course, cut it really thin.  Had to get off half way, and fill and get on the freeway again.  By the time I had crossed the city, it was 8:30, and still half an hour from work.  I wasn’t planning to visit a coffee establishment today, but having a bad start, I though I would try Kensington, being that it was only about a Kilometre from the usual route.

Kensington seems a buzz in the morning, lots of traffic, trains, buses all going through the place and making it a busy place.  I have been here before, during the day for lunch, and it wasn’t as buzzing, if I can use the word again.  Grounded House opens in the morning at 8:00am, so this was no issue.  It’s a small place, with limited range for the breakfast peckers like me.  I ended up going with a Spinach and Ricotta Roll.  This was pretty good, lacked a little salt, however, using their domestic oven (small toaster/oven), it was heated up quite well, and the pastry was just the right consistency.

The Coffee
The coffee for me was a little flat.  It lacked the acidic tingle that normally hits your tongue, and had a distinct bitterness to the coffee.  Not a terrible way, but it was noticeable.  The color of the coffee was light, however, it lacked the general body of a latte.  Teh aroma was strong, taste was “thin”, so therefore I could not say it was one of my better experiences. 

Rating : I gave this a 5.  It wasn’t terrible, however, it did need more taste if I can say that.