Today was interesting.  I tried to go to Ray’s cafe, and also Tre Espresso.  Both of these places were suppose to open at 7 according to the Iphone App.  Unfortunately, this was not the case, and both of them opened at 7:30am.  As a result, I made my way to the Green Refectory.  This was on the way back to work.  Using Illy coffee, The Green Refectory seemed more like a place to eat, with a vast menu, pastries and read made sandwiches.  A smaller place, it catered for mainly local people.  That was the vibe I got.  I ordered scrambled on toast, and was a little runny.  Nice consistency though.  The sourdough was pleasant, though a little thick.

Scrambled on Sourdough

It had a mild aroma, with a hint of acidity.  It wasn’t strong, and thus lacked the full bodied flavour of some coffee’s.  However, the overall coffee was good.

Rating. 5.5.

Not bad