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Sensory Lab, 24th July

Today was a busy day in the city, many people around, and was a buzz.  The buskers were going crazy, with great music emanating from Bourke St Mall.  I decided to try something different in the afternoon, and went to the Sensory Lab, as I know they have different styles of coffee, the normal espresso machine, syphon and cold filtered coffee.  I chose the cold filtered this time.  Cold Filtered coffee is basically coffee that placed in water and allowed to absorb the coffee over a period of about 12 hours.  It seems like a long process, however, apparently, it does not create as much acidity as hot brewed coffee, and also is a little less strong than hot coffee.  As a result, it make the coffee a more tasty one, however, it is served cold.

Today they had the Nicaraguan “Le Bendicion”.  It had a really nice aroma.  The taste of the coffee was not lost by an acidic taste, therefore flavours were more distinct, with fruity tones, and a beautiful sweet tinge to the taste.  This was a good experience, and a great summer drink (even though it was approximately 14 degrees outside).  It was a first time for me, and it was good.


"Cold n nice"


Penny Farthing Espresso, 24th July

Located in Northcote, and having some time on my hands, decided to go to Penny Farthing Espresso.  Using the Synesso machine with Five Senses Coffee, it was promising to be a good coffee.  However, tried not to raise my expectations too much.

Penny Farthing was a busy place, with many people going into the small cosy place. Not may seats, but, obviously a hit with the local crowd.  I wasn’t surprised though, the menu is rather delish, with the stock standard items, but they looked good.  I caught a glimpse of the french toast, and was a little disappointed, as I had already ordered my scrambled with mush.  Man it looked good.  Friendly staff at Penny, and it had a good ambience about it, buzzing though cosy.

"Runny but nice"

The Breakfast

The eggs were a little runny, but it had a nice consistency to them, and good taste and texture.  The mushrooms were cooked in balsamic, and although I am not really a big fan of balsamic, the mushrooms were not drowned in it.  It was a nice balance.  Using button mushrooms, I guess they are not as flavorsome as field mushrooms.

Good Design....

The Coffee,

It had a strong aroma, with a slight sweet tinge.  The flavor of the 5 senses was good.  Good texture and a balanced coffee overall.

Rating : 6.5.  Nice Coffee

Pope Joan Cafe, 22nd July

Today started out as a beautiful bright day.  Excellent viewing day, and a good day to have off.  I did enjoy it.  I decided to go to Pope Joan Cafe, wasn’t sure what to expect, being a one bean, however , it did promise to be good.  It had the Great Food symbol in the book. yummy, I thought to myself.

Pope Joan cafe is located on Nicholson st, rather busy I must say.  Car’s pretty much non stop.  I found a parking a little far away, and as I was walking up, I saw that they have a parking spot across the road, clearly marked : Pope Joan Parking, and inevitably I must be going blind.

It was a quaint place, nice and homely, friendly staff, vegetable garden out back too.  Lots of time whilst waiting for my food, I have commented things like “They must be waiting for the grass to grow”  Well, here it would be true !!  Not to be demeaning, however it did seem like a “hippy place”.  The Carbon tax would feel right at home here.

Bloody Brilliant

The Breakfast

Today I tried something different, Scrambled eggs with a side of beans.  No mushrooms.  When the breakfast came out, wow, I could smell the aroma of the beans.  Fantastic, Seriously smelt good.  And the scrambled looked great too.  Yum.  The combination worked well.  I am not sure why.  The scrambled were a great consistency, with the beans really made well.  They were home-made with some spices.  It reminded me of an Indian Tomato Chutney, and I like my chutney. The overall taste was great.  All the flavors worked well together.  Seriously worth a try.

Good Coffee

The Coffee

It had a nice aroma, with a hint of nuts, good flavor, right drinking temperature.  There was no bitter aftertaste and overall a good coffee.  A little bright on the tongue, which was good.


Rating 6.5.

The First Pour, 21st July

After having breakfast with Ed and Mary in the morning, I headed off to the First Pour, in Abbotsford.  Really haven’t had a bad experience in Abbotsford thus far, and this was not about to change.

Located in Bond St, Abbotsford, The First Pour looks very non de script from the outside.  This is a very industrial place, surrounded by workshops.  And next door to the CUB.  Well, can’t complain about that !!

The staffs are friendly, and the place is nice and homely. I ordered a Carrot and Almond Muffin, along with a latte.  The muffin was maybe a little too sweet, however, was nice, moist, and had a good texture.  Tasted nice.  Yummy.

Carrot and Almond - Yummy

The coffee.

It had a sweet aroma, and very flavoursome.  The taste had a slight acidity to it, but not as bright as some of the other coffees.  IT had a good flavour, and with no bitter aftertaste, made it an interesting and nice coffee.  IF anything, but have been dulled a little with the amount of milk, however, overall it was a good coffee.

Nice Aroma


Rating : 6


Nineteen Squares, 20th July

"I pinched this from the World Wide Web"


Another typical cold Melbourne winter morning, I decided to keep the St Kilda theme happening, and visited Nineteen squares this morning.  A small place, and at 6:45 in the morning, not much traffic going through the place.  It seemed like a place where regulars visited, and enjoyed the coffee and small atmosphere of the place.

I ordered a coffee and a Spinach and Ricotta pide (seemed like a pide).  It was all a bit quick to be honest.  AS soon as I walked in, I was already ordering and quickly chose something in the display cabinet.  The guy at the counter (I am assuming it was David Cox, part owner), made the choice that it was takeaway.  (as a result, I do not have any photo’s).

The pide was served in a paper bag with tray and some mint sauce.  Being a little “well done”, the sauce was a nice accompaniment.  It was a good change to my norm breakfast.

The coffee

It was bright.  Straight from my first taste, it had a spark on the tongue, and a slightly roasted taste associated with it.  It was a good coffee, however, really not my “cup of tea”.  It had a nice consistency to it though.  Not too milky or “dry” if I can use this term.

Rating  : 5.5





Cafe racer, 19th July

Getting up early this morning, I found the energy to leave early, and possibly visit another coffee spot.  I haven’t done the midweek for a while, as just haven’t had the energy.  I got in the car, and looked at my list.  Cafe Racer was on the first list, and Cafe Racer it was.  Definitely catered to the cyclists along Marine Pde, it opens at 6.  Funnily enough, the morning I chose to go there they had a sign in the window :

“Once only, today Cafe Racer is closed inside due to a Private Function”, or something to that effect.  They had some sort of Tour De France gathering from what I could tell.  I had to sit outside and enjoy my coffee and Almond Croissant.

I did not have a chance to look at the pastries inside, but the friendly waiter recommended an almond croissant.  This was good.  Not as good as the one at Market Lane, but it was good.  Speaking of which, will have to visit Market LAne Cafe again.  Man that croissant was good.

Back to the racer….

The Coffee.

The coffee had a light acidity, with a limited aroma.  It had a little too much milk it seemed like.  It lacked a little flavour, however, it was still a good coffee, just not great.  It was smooth, and definitely no bitter aftertaste.

The Early bird catches the worm

Rating : 5.5.


Orange, 17th July

After my good experience at Woodstock, I followed it up with a visit to Orange.  Just a small drive later, I was in Windsor.  Orange is a good place, with 2 main areas, and seating out on the street and around the back.  Friendly staff, and another suitable spot for a coffee and food. Although I did not look at the menu, I really should have, some of the food coming out looked good.  2 breakfasts in one day, excessive !!

The coffee

IT had a strong aroma, though it was not as bright on the tongue.  However, it had good flavour, good body, and no bitter aftertaste.  It was a good coffee.


Rating : 6.3