Ici Cafe is located in a quiet street just of Johnston St.  It’s a small, homely place, where most people are ‘locals’.  Being a cold Melbourne morning, sitting by the doorway wasn’t the best position, however, it was warm inside.  Small kitchen, bar and counter, it wasn’t a place that could serve many people.  But that was the good thing about Ici, small and cosy.  Really similar to many of the places around the area.  I wouldn’t say a discerning area, however, a little different to some of the others, Acland St,  Degraves, etc.

The Breakfast.

The standard, scrambled, with a side of Mushrooms.  It really is my trademark breakfast !!  It was nice.  Good texture, great taste, and the mushrooms were cooked pretty well too.  Nice breakfast.

The Standard

"The Stock Standard"

The Coffee.

Using a La Marzocco machine, I wasn’t sure which beans they were using.  Couldn’t see a brand near the machine.  The coffee had a strong aroma, with a slight acidic tinge as soon as it hops on the tongue.  Nice, smooth texture, and only a smidgen of bitterness after the coffee has gone down the throat.  Nice indeed.

Coffee Ici


Rating .  6  Good, balanced coffee.