Today started out as a beautiful bright day.  Excellent viewing day, and a good day to have off.  I did enjoy it.  I decided to go to Pope Joan Cafe, wasn’t sure what to expect, being a one bean, however , it did promise to be good.  It had the Great Food symbol in the book. yummy, I thought to myself.

Pope Joan cafe is located on Nicholson st, rather busy I must say.  Car’s pretty much non stop.  I found a parking a little far away, and as I was walking up, I saw that they have a parking spot across the road, clearly marked : Pope Joan Parking, and inevitably I must be going blind.

It was a quaint place, nice and homely, friendly staff, vegetable garden out back too.  Lots of time whilst waiting for my food, I have commented things like “They must be waiting for the grass to grow”  Well, here it would be true !!  Not to be demeaning, however it did seem like a “hippy place”.  The Carbon tax would feel right at home here.

Bloody Brilliant

The Breakfast

Today I tried something different, Scrambled eggs with a side of beans.  No mushrooms.  When the breakfast came out, wow, I could smell the aroma of the beans.  Fantastic, Seriously smelt good.  And the scrambled looked great too.  Yum.  The combination worked well.  I am not sure why.  The scrambled were a great consistency, with the beans really made well.  They were home-made with some spices.  It reminded me of an Indian Tomato Chutney, and I like my chutney. The overall taste was great.  All the flavors worked well together.  Seriously worth a try.

Good Coffee

The Coffee

It had a nice aroma, with a hint of nuts, good flavor, right drinking temperature.  There was no bitter aftertaste and overall a good coffee.  A little bright on the tongue, which was good.


Rating 6.5.