Located in Northcote, and having some time on my hands, decided to go to Penny Farthing Espresso.  Using the Synesso machine with Five Senses Coffee, it was promising to be a good coffee.  However, tried not to raise my expectations too much.

Penny Farthing was a busy place, with many people going into the small cosy place. Not may seats, but, obviously a hit with the local crowd.  I wasn’t surprised though, the menu is rather delish, with the stock standard items, but they looked good.  I caught a glimpse of the french toast, and was a little disappointed, as I had already ordered my scrambled with mush.  Man it looked good.  Friendly staff at Penny, and it had a good ambience about it, buzzing though cosy.

"Runny but nice"

The Breakfast

The eggs were a little runny, but it had a nice consistency to them, and good taste and texture.  The mushrooms were cooked in balsamic, and although I am not really a big fan of balsamic, the mushrooms were not drowned in it.  It was a nice balance.  Using button mushrooms, I guess they are not as flavorsome as field mushrooms.

Good Design....

The Coffee,

It had a strong aroma, with a slight sweet tinge.  The flavor of the 5 senses was good.  Good texture and a balanced coffee overall.

Rating : 6.5.  Nice Coffee