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Salford Lads Club, 31st August

I was heading back to the other side of the town, and thought I would drop off for a quick coffee on the way.  This was a good opportunity to visit Salford Lads Club.  Being in a bit of a rush though, it seemed like this wasn’t the best idea.

I didn’t have any cash, and the guys didn’t accept Credit Card or Eftpos, which made it hard.  Found some change in the car, and as I didn’t have enough change, I settled for a cup cake, and a latte.  This ended up being my lunch.

The cup cake was really nice.  It had a lemon cream topping, which was delightful.  Very nice.

The coffee.

It had a strong aroma.  I could smell it as soon as it hit the table.  The first taste was a little bitter on the tongue.  I would attribute some of this to the fact that I had the cup cake first, which would have desensitized my taste buds to the natural sweetness of the coffee.  It was a darker roast though, and was noticeably dark.

Rating  5.9

Salford Lads Club



Freestyle Espresso, 29th August.

3rd and Final Stop.  Freestyle Espresso.

Freestyle is a tiny place.  A few spots inside, and then a couple of spots outside too.  The staff was friendly and very warming.  I saw the cake counter, and saw a few good things.  I decided on the Raspberry and Passionfruit muffin.  Wow.  This was yum.  Seriously.  I will go back there again to try some of their other goods.  All looked good.  Especially a White Chocolate Blonde.  Yummy….

Yummy Muffin or what....

The Coffee.

It was very vibrant on the tongue, very vibrant on the tongue.  Nice aroma and a good taste and flavor.  It had a smooth texture. with no distinguishable aftertaste.

Rating. 6.

Growers Espresso, 29th August

Having a day off today, and not being able to visit a coffee shop this last week, I decided to go on a coffee binge today.  I thought I would tackle some of the ones I wouldn’t get a chance during the week.

1st Stop.  Growers Espresso, Fitzroy North.

A poor attempt of a photo

Being a small place, it had a menu that was a little eclectic, but was a nice cosy place to enjoy a coffee and cake or a different meal.  I asked whether they just had some scrambled on toast, however, she simply referred me to a place down the road.  I quickly said that’s ok, and ordered a latte.

The coffee.
It had a nice aroma, not too strong, mild yet present.A balanced taste with a little sweet tinge. There was no bitter aftertaste. Mildly acidic and generally a good coffee.

"Couldn't wait..."

Rating 6.

A Minor Place, 29th August

2nd Stop.  A Minor Place.

Located in Brunswick, it was a short distance from Growers Espresso (by car).

A Minor Place is a quaint place, A old-fashioned home, wooden furnishings, and had a hippy style outlook.  Today’s houses blend, as written on the board, was….

“bathysphere” from Wide open road. Roasted on site (  It contained Brazilian Costa Rican, Ethiopian, Kenyan beans.

Ordered the “Mumbler” breakfast.  This was very good.  I am not a big fan of raw spinach, however, the total combination of the ingredients was good.

A good combination

The coffee

It had a strong aroma and was vibrant on tongue. A little sweetness to the coffee and had a smooth taste.  Not so rich in flavor, with strange but nice texture.  Overall a good coffee.


Mixed Business Cafe, 21st August

Having been busy all week at work, today was the first chance I got to go to a coffee spot.  Looking through what was left to visit, Mixed Business Cafe had the fortune of me gracing my presence there.

Seemed like an oasis on the city, with “home-grown” herbs and some vegetables, and with some seating in the back, you got a full view of the garden.  A quiet place outside too.  On the inside was busy and noisy, though outside was quiet and serene.  “Ah, Serenity now…”

I ordered something a little different.  I went for the poached eggs, and a side of mushroom.  The breakfast was nice.  well cooked mushroom, and the poached were quite nice.  Simple, yet good.

Simple yet good

The Coffee

The coffee had a nice flavour, combined with a mild aroma.  Not so vibrant on the tongue, though it had a limited aftertaste, not unpleasant.  Using a Seven Seeds bean, and a La Marzocco machine, they had done a good job.



Rating : 6.  Good Coffee

Espresso Elements, 14th August.

Following the coast on this sunny day, I decided to go to Hampton.  Espresso Elements.  I have never been to Hampton before, so I was not sure what to expect.  I know it is a rather posh area, being near the beach.  Espresso Elements is a small place, though they have a variety of coffee’s available to choose from.  I just ordered a house blend, though I am not sure what it was today.  I should have asked I guess.

Good Coffee


The coffee
It had a nice sweet aroma. Vibrant on tongue with a good level of acidity. Nice flavor. Good texture of flavour, with a good body to the coffee.  I enjoyed this one.

Rating. 6. Good coffee.

A day on the beach

Peaberrys, 14th August

Decided to go on coffee binge today not doing much, weather was nice and a decent day for a drive.  Was thinking of going to three places, however this did not eventuate.  It really was a nice day today.  The sun was out, and driving was a pleasure.

Peaberry’s has a Bed and Breakfast feel to it.  It was a homely type place, with a residential type kitchen, with a simple menu.  However, they did all their own roasting on site.  Obviously an established place.  Locals seemed to like the spot, and I am not surprised.

I ordered some poached eggs, with a hash brown and hollandaise sauce.

Just right

The breakfast

It was pretty good, though the Hash brown was rather soft and oily.  The poached eggs were the right consistency.  It really was a homely meal.  But nice.  Good taste.

Nice Aroma

The coffee.

It had a nice aroma. A little dull on the tongue, and also a tinge of aftertaste. The flavour was ok, though not great. Overall not bad.

Rating 5.5.