I was heading back to the other side of the town, and thought I would drop off for a quick coffee on the way.  This was a good opportunity to visit Salford Lads Club.  Being in a bit of a rush though, it seemed like this wasn’t the best idea.

I didn’t have any cash, and the guys didn’t accept Credit Card or Eftpos, which made it hard.  Found some change in the car, and as I didn’t have enough change, I settled for a cup cake, and a latte.  This ended up being my lunch.

The cup cake was really nice.  It had a lemon cream topping, which was delightful.  Very nice.

The coffee.

It had a strong aroma.  I could smell it as soon as it hit the table.  The first taste was a little bitter on the tongue.  I would attribute some of this to the fact that I had the cup cake first, which would have desensitized my taste buds to the natural sweetness of the coffee.  It was a darker roast though, and was noticeably dark.

Rating  5.9

Salford Lads Club