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Le Chien, 28th Sept

It started to be a miserable day today. Decided I take lunch at La Chien. This is a very nice place located in Seddon. I still don’t know where this is though ! Somewhere in the west. They have a few staff, and were generally quite friendly. They seemed busy today, hardly a seat for one, though they had limited seating to begin with. (my guess is about 30 people or there abouts).

A good menu. Standard breakfast, as well as lunch menus. Breakfast is served till 3. So almost an all dayer. A few selections available from the lunch menu and I chose the cauliflower and haloumi fritters with tomato chutney. This was very nice. A good vegetarian option. I skipped the breakfast menu after I saw this as a choice. Yummy !

Yummy !

The coffee

It was Vibrant on the tongue, with a nie aroma. You could whiff a little caramel and sweetness in it, though was not a strong sense. A bit “light” in the body of the actual coffee, yet the taste and flavor was quite balanced. It had a generally good color as well. Overall it had good consistent characteristics all round.


Good Coffee

Rating. 6.


Leroy Espresso

A beautiful sunny day, to say the least.  It really was perfect.  A good day to visit the beach.  Off to Leroy’s Espresso it was.

Bustling Acland

The staff was friendly and helpful, and Leroy’s had a good atmosphere about it.

The Breakfast

I ordered a Vegie Scramble.  It was a dish with scrambled eggs, mushroom, red onion, peppers and goats cheese mixed in.  Sounded nice, very homemade type stuff.  It was actually quite nice.  Very tasty.

Home Made Vegie Scramble

The Coffee

It had a strong aroma, dark roasted I gather.  It was lively on the tongue, with no real bitter after taste.  It was smooth, and had a strong flavour.   Good combination, which created a consistent taste throughout the coffee experience.

Rating. 6

Good Coffee


Parkers Cafe, 23rd September

It started out as a nice sunny day, and I decided to go to a beachside place.  Parkers Cafe it was.  Located in Parkdale, it was a nice small place, and the place was buzzing.  Lots of people, and it seemed like everyone was taking a day off !!

They were all enjoying the sun, although this was short-lived.

I ordered fried eggs on toast, with a hash brown side.  This was quite lovely, just made right.

The Coffee

It was a  little vibrant on the tongue, with a nice aroma and a hint of sweetness.  An almost caramel flavor immediately hit the taste buds. Not an overall strong flavor. But good.

Rating. 5.8. Nice coffee.

Parkers Coffee

Tre Espresso, 11th September

Another cold morning, with rain, though there were brief periods where the sun did come out, and the afternoon turned out pretty good.

I had breakfast at home today, and then went for my coffee.  Tre Espresso it was, located in Brunswick, on Sydney Road.  I ordered a Croissant with Jam as a snack, as well as the latte.  It was a nice a cosy spot, and on Sundays had the live music of a guitarist with some vocals adding some entertainment to the experience.

The croissant was good, and pretty good.  The jam was nice, and made a good combination with the croissant.

Nice croissant


The coffee

It had a mild aroma, with a distinct bitterness on the tongue.  It wasn’t unpleasant though.  The flavour was good. but definitely not in the class of some of the others that I have had in the past.  It seemed to be a little darker.

A little lazy with the design

Rating. 5.5.

Mule cafe, 10th September

It’s been a tough week, and was looking forward to my coffeescape.  Another week where I did not get a chance to go to a midweek coffee visit.  I did go to Crue Coffee Lounge, but found that it was shut, and did not open on Saturday’s.  This was going to have to be a midweek visit.

The AFL finals are here, and so is the cold weather.  A sudden cold snap, and today it was only 13.4 degrees outside …Chilling

I ended up at Mule Cafe, located in Brunswick.  There are a few good coffee shops around this area, and this was wasn’t bad either.  They had a nice selection of pastries and muffins, and they all looked delicious.  I was very tempted.  However, I decided on the standard breakfast.  Fried eggs with a hash brown.

The breakfast wasn’t too bad.  Pretty standard, so really couldn’t screw that one up.



The Coffee

It had a nice aroma. Mild, yet a little hint of sweetness, with a caramel characteristic. Vibrant on the tongue, which meant that it had a nice level of acidity. No bitter aftertaste. It was an enjoyable coffee.

Rating. 6.3. Pretty good.

Nice Coffee


The Final Countdown

This might be easier


Time is fast approaching. Now the count is up to 88, (I think). I always said I would have a big bash for my 100th.( coffee venue, not birthday). I’m tipping if I drink coffee like I do I won’t live till I’m 100 anyway.

Anyway, I have a date in mind. 23rd October. I have a place in mind. Il Fornaio. They use St Ali coffee, so I’m guessing it should be good. Although, you know my theory on expectations.

The address is.

2 Acland St,
St Kilda.

Time. To be confirmed.

Let me know if you can make it, and I’ll make a reservation.

Galleon Cafe

Walking up to Galleon Cafe today, the place was a buzz.  Extremely busy.  People waiting for seats and take away coffees.  The place was buzzing, not only with caffeine.  It seemed like it was a popular spot.  However, all the places around Acland st were busy.

I decided to get take away, call me impatient, though I was not in the mood for waiting for a table.

The coffee.

The first thing I did when I got my coffee, was to open up the lid and have a whiff, and a smell.  Nice Aroma, it had a hint of sweetness.  The coffee was mild on the tongue, but had a nice full-bodied flavour.  Overall a good coffee.

Rating.  6


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