This was really a surprise for me.  It was more than your suburban coffee shop.  As soon as you walked in, you could see the baked goods, and they looked great.  Being a nice sunny day, it was rather busy, but where this was located, I guess it would be a good place to hang out for the locals, being in a residential area.

They offered the normal espresso coffee, as well as the pour over style coffee.  The house blend was coffee from the Maling Room.  It was called Symetry.

“House Blend – Symetry, Blend of Columbia, Honduras and Papua New Guinea.  Sweet chocolate and hazelnut tones”  They also had a single origin on offer.  Ethiopian Sidano.  “Brandy notes, enriched by cherry orange and floral nuance”  Reading these comments on the boards, I felt like James in Oz and James wine adventure.  It sounded something like Oz would say !!

I ordered mushroom tart.  After seeing the pastry items in the window, I decided to forgo my usual, and ordered a Wild mushroom Quiche, which had caught my attention first up as I walked in.  It was pretty good, though there was some moisture in the Quiche, though I imagine it was difficult to get the right texture due to the moisture in the mushroom itself.

Wild Mushroom Quiche


The Coffee.

It was as the board stated, I really liked the coffee.  It had a sweet tinge, with a very “green” taste.  Not dark roasted, but it was smooth, and really had a nice taste to it.

Sweet Chocolate and Hazelnut

Rating : 6.5