It’s been a tough week, and was looking forward to my coffeescape.  Another week where I did not get a chance to go to a midweek coffee visit.  I did go to Crue Coffee Lounge, but found that it was shut, and did not open on Saturday’s.  This was going to have to be a midweek visit.

The AFL finals are here, and so is the cold weather.  A sudden cold snap, and today it was only 13.4 degrees outside …Chilling

I ended up at Mule Cafe, located in Brunswick.  There are a few good coffee shops around this area, and this was wasn’t bad either.  They had a nice selection of pastries and muffins, and they all looked delicious.  I was very tempted.  However, I decided on the standard breakfast.  Fried eggs with a hash brown.

The breakfast wasn’t too bad.  Pretty standard, so really couldn’t screw that one up.



The Coffee

It had a nice aroma. Mild, yet a little hint of sweetness, with a caramel characteristic. Vibrant on the tongue, which meant that it had a nice level of acidity. No bitter aftertaste. It was an enjoyable coffee.

Rating. 6.3. Pretty good.

Nice Coffee