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Il Fornaio, 23rd October, number 99

Today was supposed to be my 100th coffee at a top 100 coffee spot, signalling the end of my challenge for 2011.  However, Crue Coffee Lounge is under renovations, and as a result, I was unable to complete my 99th prior to meeting my friends at Il Fornaio.  I don’t know when Crue will finish it;s renovations, so at the moment, my 100 coffee challenge is as far as it can go.

Il Forniao is located around the corner from the Prince of Wales hotel.  Just off the main road, it still attracted a lot of traffic from the public.

While I was waiting for Ed and Hayd to turn up, I ordered a freshly squeezed orange juice, and wow, was this good.  I haven’t had fresh squeezed for a while, but this was worth it.  They also had other fruit juices, freshly squeezed, on the menu.  Today’s special was a banana juice. Hmm, not sure what this would be like.

The breakfast.

Hayd was looking for a standard big breakfast.  It wasn’t apparent on the menu.  The menu was a little off mainstream.  Scrambled eggs it was.  Ed ordered a Spanish sweetheart, Corn fritter with poached eggs.  I ordered a my mushroom toast, which was a mixture of mushrooms, on toast.  I ordered some poached on the side.

I really enjoyed my breakfast, interesting flavours, and  a great combination.

My Mushroom

The coffee

The coffee came out a little cold, though not undrinkable, although this also made for a smoother coffee.  However, it did lack a little in the flavour and thus character.   It had a little aftertaste associated with it as well.  Overall not a bad coffee, but would not consider it a great one.

RAting  : 5.9.

The Coffee



Kerekere, 21st October

Making my way to Melbourne University, the place was a buzz with people going to study or bludge, dependant on the lectures they were attending.  I was there for a different reason altogether.  I was there to try some Kerekere coffee.   A small place, they obviously had cornered the market, as there was a queue of people waiting for their coffee.  Kerekere is located in Engineering lane, found off Grattan St, opposite the car park.

Photo Courtesy of Kerekere website

No breakfast at Kerekere, however a selection of sandwiches or muffin.  Kerekere is a little different, as they do donate their profits to either charity organisations, or cultural projects.  Basically. when you order, you receive a playing card, that when you collect, place in the appropriate position for where you would like your coffee’s profits to go.  My Jack of clubs ended up in the Cultural Projects pile.  (yeah, I know.  Cultural and me ?)

Photo courtesy of Kerekere website

The Coffee

This coffee was made at the right drinking temperature, and could drink it straight away.  This was welcomed in the cold morning that I was there.  The aroma was smooth, nothing extreme about it.  It had a consistent flavour, with a hint of chocolate left in the mouth after the coffee went down.  Overall it was a good coffee, though nothing exciting.  Consistent and good.

Rating : 5.9


Di Bella Coffee, 18th October

Nearing the end of my journey, I visited Di Bella Coffee, located in Nth Melbourne.  I was a bit peckish when I rocked up, so I quickly had a look at the menu and ordered.  Pretty standard menu, though I did not see   any fried eggs available.  Other than that, all seemed pretty standard.

Di Bella has a nice decor. and seems like a great place to get together for a coffee and a bite, either before work or on the weekend with friends.

a bit peckish

I ordered some poached eggs with mushroom.  This was actually quite nice, consistent and well cooked poached eggs.  The mushrooms weren’t too bad.  Overall a pretty good breakfast.

Nothing exciting

The coffee.

The aroma wasn’t too bad, and it was vibrant on the tongue, though it had a hint of bitterness, reflected through a subtle aftertaste in the back of the throat.  Good flavor though,consistent flavor right through.  Nothing exciting though.

Rating : 6.

Jackson Dodds, 16th October

It started out as a good morning, fairly brisk, though good for a drive to Preston.  I got out early as I had a game of golf organised.  By the way, I had a terrible day.  Pretty bad,  could have done a lot better.

Located on a quiet corner, Jackson Dodds was a busy place.  It seems many locals are aware of the food and coffee offered here.  It was a good place, with limited seating though.  Some seating outside too, which added some capacity.

I ordered a Ruby’s scrambled eggs.  It sounded pretty good, basically scrambled with fresh chilli and coriander added in.  Standard mushrooms on the side as well.  This was pretty good.  Interesting and tasty mix.

With fresh chilli, pretty good

The Coffee

It had a bright acidic aroma, though it didn’t reflect in the taste at all.  It had a full-bodied flavor, and overall a good taste.

Rating  – A consistent 6

A consistent 6



Globe Cafe, 8th October

Chapel st was a buzz today.  Lots of people, different sorts of people, and above all, great hanging out spots.  There are many places to get together and have a coffee, drink and a bite to eat.  Free parking is always a problem though, unless you’re cheap like me, and want to walk a distance to get some parking.

Globe cafe is located a little walk away from the Jam factory, though near the market.  and really has a good ambience inside.  A cosy place, with friendly staff, and almost a country feel to it, with a display of baked goods on the counter.  Very good character about the place.

Ordered fried eggs on toast with a side of hash browns.  This was pretty good, although, you really can’t go wrong with something simple.  But they did a good job with it.

Simple yet good

The coffee.

Aroma is nice, smooth taste, although a little dark roasted. Light in color.
Sensory lab coffee. Good blend. Full bodied flavor, not too complex though. Overall good.

Pretty Good

Rating. 6.1.


Ray’s Cafe, 2nd October.

The Champions 2011

A disappointing end to the Magpies 2011 season, as the Geelong Cats claimed the 2011 premiership.  The streets today were quiet, which was very strange.  I remember it being a lot busier last year after Collingwood completed the task.  It was a bright sunny day after a miserable grand final day.

I had planned to go to Ray’s Cafe today.  Located in Brunswick, just of Sydney rd, it was pretty easy to get to.  It’s a small place, but seemed to have many locals around the area.  It was a nice day, though very quiet all round.

I ordered poached eggs with a capsicum relish and dukkah.  I have to say, this really was delish.  The combination really worked well together, and the overall taste was great.



The coffee

It had a nice aroma, which had a subtle hint of sweetness.  The taste matched the aroma, with no bitter aftertaste, which made for a coffee which was better then the average bear.  It was a very consistent flavour.

Better than the average bear


Rating 6.3.