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Drugstore Espresso (Crue Coffee Lounge), 16th December.

This is it. The final one, though it is a little bit sour, since they have changed their name. Used to be called Crue Coffee Lounge, Drugstore is a small~medium  place, with seating for approximately 30 people in the upstairs area, with limited outdoor seating. I was a bit disappointed in the menu, with breakfast being served only till 11:30, and I arrived at 12, although it is a Friday. Besides salads, there was nothing on the lunch menu for us grass eaters……

The coffee
The design was as per standard. Wasn’t too bad. A medium aroma, Was fairly light colored, with a nice coating of froth. Aroma was a little tart, not sweet. This translated in the taste. House blend. Roasted by Rosso.

Drugstore Espresso


Overall wasn’t a bad coffee.

Well, that is the end of my coffee journey for 2011.

It was enjoyable, and really opened my eyes to a few places that I would never have bothered going,  and also gave me a new appreciation for coffee itself.  With different varieties available, you did not have to limit yourself to the regular house blend.

Hope you enjoyed my journey, and now we look forward to 2012.

Keep on coffeeing on,



Best and worst of 2011

Bent ?

Although I am still waiting for my 1ooth to be complete, I thought I would take the opportunity to list the best and worst coffee’s of 2011 (only my opinion).

Best Coffee :

Well, for me, I still think 65 Degrees takes the cake for me.  It was one of the first ones that I tried, and no other coffee really topped it for me.  Although there were some that did meet the benchmark, nothing really passed the benchmark.

St Ali, Proud Mary, Seven Seeds, Sensory Lab, Outpost Cafe.

They all had distinct different tastes, and varied menu’s and breakfasts.  As much as I like 65 Degree’s, it really does lack in the breakfast category, though it seems that it is in the market for good coffee, and simple breakfasts.  Can’t really complain about that.  Proud Mary was the place for great coffee, and great food.  Rather a simple menu, but really well made breakfast.

Worst Coffee :

Well, Nabiha, Moonee Ponds, unfortunately took out the prize for the worst coffee.  Mind you, it was a little better then some crap that has been served, although when it comes to the top 100 in Melbourne, my apologies, but this didn’t cut the mustard.  I have to say though, only going once to a particular spot does not give the benefit of the doubt, however, it is all I can go by.  I like consistency.  My thought is that a house blend should not change too much.  I can understand that each bean is different, and it will almost be impossible to replicate a style of coffee day in day out.  Having said that, there should be some vague consistency in the coffee.

Honorable Mentions :

Some decent coffee places that are more than respectable, Dr Jekyll, Foxy Brown, Small Block Cafe, Cup of Truth.  All of these places were different, and had good coffee’s.

Something to try, that’s not on the list :

Chez Dre, South Melbourne.  A good range of coffee, pastries and good breakfast.  Can’t go wrong.

Cafe Zappa, South Melbourne.  Recently tried this, and was a surprise.


As you are all aware, I have not yet made the 100th.  It seems that Crue Coffee Lounge has now renovated and changed its name to Drugstore Espresso.

This means that I technically will not be able to complete my 100 coffee places off the coffee review.  However, I will visit Drugstore Expresso before year-end.

With this year’s challenge almost complete, I guess now my focus will be on what the challenge for 2012 will be.

Any suggestions ?

Sandringham Beach