Boldy Breakfast where no one has breakfasted before
Coffee,, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Coffeearn Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new Coffees, to seek out great breakfast shops and new coffee facts, , to boldly breakfast  where no one has breakfasted before.
Well, it’s 2012 now, and the top 100 coffee’s in Melbourne explored, I have been wondering what topic to tackle next. Someone suggested the top breakfast’s, another suggested continuing with the coffee theme. To do a top 100, or 100 of anything is quite difficult. I occasionally listen to a podcast from Stuff You Should Know, and one of there latest podcast was on the origin of coffee, and other interesting facts about coffee.
I thought to myself when I heard this, that maybe that’s it. I should study coffee more in depth. How ? Well, I’m glad you asked. There are some rather good facts that are broadcast in the podcast, and thought it would be a good idea to further investigate coffee. Some of the small facts mentioned were, Coffee has over 800 flavour characteristics, it originated in Arabica, and was smuggled out by an Indian smuggler called Baba Budan (thus the name of the city coffee place called  Brother Baba Budan), An interesting myth that also came from the podcast was how the effect of the coffee bean was founded. Some goats were to have been seen eating the coffee bean, and were then dancing (thus another café was born, The Dancing Goat Café). So my aim this year is to enlighten you more on coffee, it’s origins, different brewing methods, how to enjoy coffee, the benefits and disadvantages, and other coffee based facts. In addition to this, I will endeavor to visit some popular breakfast and coffee spots, to find the top 10 in Melbourne. I know this will be difficult, though it will be fun trying some good spots for coffee and breakfast around town. It will also give me the opportunity to try different coffee brewing methods, and different types / styles of coffee. I know this does not sound like much of a challenge, though hopefully I will give you an insight into drinking and enjoying coffee, as well as a guide to some good breakfast spots in and around Melbourne.  Although, I guess my diet (being a vegetarian), will not be able to allow me to try some breakfast ingredients, which is a bit of a shame.