In my search for a 100% arabica coffee, I ended up in Market Lane Cafe today, located in Prahran.  Why ?  From my previous experience, I have found that they have a good variety of beans available to choose from.  Today I chose a pour over Alaska coffee.  Alaska ?  This coffee is grown in a region from El Salvador.  These are pure arabica beans, although I have since found that this is a particular type (bourbon, red and orange cherry).   The pur over coffee is exactly how it sounds.  Basically hot water is poured straight through the ground coffee, through a filter, and straight into a cup.  As you can imagine, this style of coffee will be less ‘potent’ than an espresso, as in an espresso you basically force hot water / steam through tightly packed ground coffee, thus extracting more of the goodness, so to speak.  One good point about Market Lane, is that they give you a card with your coffee, explaining the coffee, its origins, how it is processed, and a little about the farm it came from.


Finca Alaska, as mentioned, comes from El Salvador, located on the northwest slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano.  I have heard that soil near volcano’s are quite fertile, so a good bean from this region is not that far-fetched.  Finca Alaska is owned by Ernesto Menendez, a fourth generation coffee grower, who had inherited the farm from his father.  According to the information provided, the coffee has notes of Apricots, and milk chocolate, with a black tea finish.  I could notice the apricot and the black tea finish,  though the scent or taste of the milk chocolate had eluded me.  (again, I express, I am no coffee taster, therefore I wouldn’t trust my judgement too much).  It was very balanced and nice, and, the fruity tones made the coffee rather refreshing.  I did have this coffee black, and with no sugar, so I could get the full taste of the coffee, without the variance of milk or sugar.