After a nice breakfast, I decided to pop into the city to discover some more good coffee.  Last week I visited Market Lane Cafe, today I decided to go to Sensory Lab.  They always have a variety of coffee’s, and though I would try something new there.  Speaking to the waitress, I decided to order a filtered coffee, the Panama Don Pachi-Geisha.  As mentioned with my experience at Market Lane, a filtered coffee is a little lighter than the espresso style coffee.  The flavours though were quite vibrant.  It had a nice aroma,

This is a website about the Don Pachi estate, which has won some awards for the coffee I have had today.

The board described this as the following :

Cascading floral open, with notes of strawberries, cream and rose petals.

Being a coffee amateur, I could not quite get all the notes described, however, it was refreshing.  Very nice indeed.  The characteristics of the coffee had come through, and it was a good fresh coffee.  It was different to my latte norm.

I will have to try this coffee with the espresso machine at some point too.  This would be a good test, as all my coffee’s that I have had are espresso based.  Ultimately though, a coffee is a coffee, and however it is made, if it’s good, well by all means go for it.

Sensory Lab pride themselves on their coffee, and why not, they do have some of the best coffee around. I liken it to something like a good chef with his menu,  They don’t compromise.  All the better for the consumer.