What a beautiful day  it was today, and being a Sunday, it was the traditional “lazy” day.  I decided to go to the City Wine Shop.  In the Age Good food Guide, it was mentioned at the back, “Breakfast Available ” – hmmm, depends what you call a breakfast.  Being joined with the European, I imagined it would have a cooked breakfast, but the choice itself was limited .  It had the usual, muesli, toasted bread with spreads, a limited range of croissant and toasties, and some other cakes and muffins, as well as friands (I love those things, rich has hell I imagine though).  Nothing cooked.  I was a little astounded.  I thought that it would have had even a small range of cooked breakfast, fried eggs or something at least.  No was the answer.

When I approached the waiter, I asked for a table for 2 (Ian was with me).  He said no problem, sit anywhere, there are also seats outside.  I didn’t mind sitting inside, it looked like it was going to get warmer.  So inside we went.  Inside there were plenty of bar stools, and a long seating table at the back, which is where we sat down.  After waiting a few minutes, I kindly went to the bar to ask for a menu, and started to ask about breakfast,  That is when I learn of their limited menu.  I was a little annoyed.  I took the menu, and Ian and I decided what we wanted.  Toasted Casalinga bread with spreads.  I had a strawberry and a blueberry jam.  In sealed containers too (one serving size, very hotel or McDonald’s type, but better quality).  Ian decided on the ham and cheese toasty.  This was original.  After waiting a few more minutes for the waitress to take our order, I walked to the bar, and told her what we would like.  At this point, I resented actually sitting down at the back, as there was no one else there, therefore maybe we were forgotten.  I also ordered an orange juice, and Ian decided on a latte.  After another few minutes (what now I hear you saying !!), I walked to the bar and asked about our drinks.  The waitress apologised, and started to talk about how busy it was, and she had forgotten.  At this point, I really didn’t care.  The toast and the toasty had come out, and we hadn’t even had our drinks yet.  This was poor I thought.

The Home made breakfast

The Breakfast

Well, I think it is not even worth the effort of writing something for this, but, I have to say, it was a good toast with spread, even even though it was rather simple.  I think my over indulging of the butter, mixed with the spread made it taste good, the nice creamy top you get when you mix the 2 together.  The orange juice was nice, freshly squeezed of course, and with a dash of ice, a nice refreshment to a warm summers day.




As far as breakfast goes, I give this a 3.  No cooked breakfast, which I guess swayed towards the negative and the poor service in my opinion.  Ultimately though, not everyone is looking for a cooked breakfast, in our ever increasingly healthy lifestyle’s, the bread, or muesli is being sufficient for the most important meal of the day.  In my eyes though, no excuse.  My theory, if you are not going to offer cooked breakfast,  don’t say breakfast is available.  Simply say, coffee’s and light breakfast only.  In their defence, they did tell me straight out.

I have to say though, I will go back, because as I was walking out, some of their wines looked divine !!  I guess my wine tour will be next.  Maybe next year.