Columbian Santuario – 100% Red Bourbon

Walking past sensory lab today, I saw a few coffee’s on offer, and at the time, I wasn’t sure which on to take.   I decided on the Columbian Santuario, 100% Red Bourbon.  It was described as : “Bright plums with juicy mouth feel, sweet and lingering stone fruit finish.  Sounds interesting enough.

I ordered this in a latte, and was hoping I could get a couple of the characteristics as described on the board.  The aroma was strong in this one (must have had a high midichlorian count !) It was a good aroma.  When I took the first mouthful, the first thing that came to mind was the sweetness of the coffee.  It was good.  I really did enjoy this one.  As I was drinking, I left some sit on my tongue, and the taste of chocolate came through.  It was great.  I have to admit, it was one of the better coffee’s I have had in a while.  Some of the fruitiness mentioned on the board for the coffee was not distinguishable by me.  I am not sure why, maybe I don’t have the nose for it !!

Very enjoyable coffee indeed.  If you get a chance, try this one out.  You wont be disappointed.