Today on the slayer was Columbian Santuario, 100% yellow bourbon.  Last week I tried the 100% red bourbon, and when I saw the yellow on the board, I thought it would be a good comparison.

“Floral and creamy, with mild acidity.  Sweet and full mouthfeel with clean traces of cocoa”

It was a little similar to the red, however, I thought that the yellow bourbon variety was a little more acidic, therefore straight away giving the vibrant feel on the tongue.  I normally don’t mind this, but this was a little too overpowering.  However, as the coffee went on, this reduced, I don’t know whether my tongue was de-sensitized, though it got better.  The Cocoa traces were evident, and some fruitiness, which created a good all round coffee.  I still preferred the Red Bourbon variety more.  There was no distinguishable bitter after taste, which is good, and are able to enjoy the flavour of the coffee.

A good coffee, well-rounded.



100% Yellow Bourbon, Columbian Coffee