Wondered into Journal Cafe today. I have had a breakfast here last year for my coffee challenge, though, I did not realize there was a restaurant ‘upstairs’. I took a seat on the bench top facing the alley. Looking at the Lustre Bar and it was a nice setting. Why I decided on Journal ?  The typical prices in the age good food guide were under $30, with a promise of Italian wine. With the weather outside, I was in the mood for a nice red.

The Bench View

The wine was Umani Ronchi Montipagano. Montepulciano dAbruzzi. Mamma Mia! Such a long wine name. It was nice. Good winter wine, with an instant warmth to the body, which was welcoming.

Some bread was served. It was a sourdough style bread, which would have gone well with a hearty soup. I took one price and tried it, though kept the rest for my main.

It was a Roman Gnocchi, with asparagus.  It was a pan-fried style gnocchi, though the waitress told me that it was baked.  The asparagus that came with it was quite nice, and the gnocchi was pretty good.  The serving size was quite small , though came with salad. Creamy vinegar être dressing. This was good. Went well with the asparagus. The gnocchi went down well. Very good texture with a not so overpowering taste. There was some cream sauce, that the bread helped mop up.

The Roman Gnocchi

Although it was a small serve, it was filling.

Overall it was very nice indeed.  I would recommend this place to anyone.  Although, I have to say, for a vegetarian, options are quite limited.  Limited but good choice of italian drinks, beer and wine, as well as some good local ones.

You wont be disappointed.