Continuing the Italian theme, I visited DOC in Carlton.  There are 3 restaurants that belong to this ‘chain’, and today it was the Pizza and Mozzarella Bar.  The traffic was bad, and thought it would be a wise to stop for a break.  It was a long day, and the eyes started to weigh me down a little.  I looked in the guide-book, and Pizza it was.  I think I am hooked on Italian beer at the moment, as this was the main reason why I chose DOC.  It smelt of Italy !!

I ordered an Italian Beer, and a pizza, Pizza ai porcini, Wild mushroom, truffle oil, mozzarella in bianco with grated d.o.p. pecorino.  I have come across the term D.O.P and D.O.C.  however, there is s link, which explains the different terms for Italian foods.  Basically it is like a Certificate of Origin for different types of cheeses, meats and other bits.

Pizza ai porcini - 'bella..'


This was nice.  Very traditional, and I enjoyed this more than the Tazio, though I am a bit of a mushroom fan, and therefore maybe made more to my liking.  I still missed the tomato base, which for me adds to the pizza, though I guess this is because that is all we are used to.  Even without the tomato base, it was a good pizza, and I think the truffle oil added some nice flavour to it overall.

I would recommend DOC for a good pizza.  Traditional, crisp base, and good quality ingredients..