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Cafe Latte, Toorak

This post was written a few days after my visit to Cafe Latte in Toorak.

They seemed to be a little busy this morning, was a nice morning to be out, though a little cold.  Seemed like a popular spot for locals to come for breakfast, as they all seemed to know each other.  Sounded like they had just undergone a renovation, with a few of the locals going deeper inside for a yonder.  The atmosphere was good, a nice homely feel to it.

The coffee they served was their own blend.  It wasn’t too bad, though it had an interesting acidic quality to it.  Comparable to some of the better coffee’s going around.  I ordered a baked eggs with cannelloni beans, herbs and tomato sauce.  It was actually quite good.  Though, again, it did not live up to my top breakfast so far, at Circa the Prince.  It was pretty good though, and would like to go there for dinner one day too.  I think it would be a good spot for a nice dinner out.

A nice breakfast


Fenix, Richmond

Fenix, located opposite Ikea, on Victoria St, Richmond, has a good, delicate ambience for it’s location.  It overlooks the Yarra, and today being a nice sunny day, it was a good day for a view of the Yarra, and the houses along the river.  Some nice houses located there.

Fenix is in the Age good Food Guide, and has a good review as well.

I ordered fried eggs with a hash brown.  And a latte as well.  Wasn’t sure what the brand of coffee they were using, though it wasn’t too bad.  It lacked character though, and that’s something I like in a coffee.  It was smooth, but lacked the flavours and the aroma of a good coffee.

The eggs weren’t too bad.  well cooked, a little overdone by my standards, but I like them runny.  The Hash brown was a little salty for my liking,  I don’t like overly salty food.  Overall wasn’t too bad.  The character of Fenix itself added to the experience, with good service and nice setting.

If you get the opportunity, try Fenix.  It has a lot of seating, offers free parking with the use of a tag given by the restaurant, and is a good venue to get a few friends together and have a good meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Fried Eggs on toast, with hash

Dino’s Deli, Windsor

Being a Monday of a long weekend, I wasn’t sure whether there were any places open for breakfast.  Looking at some places in the good food guide, and tried to call a couple to see whether they were open.  Caffe Latte, no answer.  Dino’s Deli, “Yes we are open..”  Great I thought.  Off to Windsor I was.

Dino’s Deli is a small, cosy place.  well it seemed like it was, though I did not get a look inside, but felt that there were more seats inside.  It was a little dark, not many customers, but still a few.

I ordered the Vegetarian Spanish Omelette.  This sounded nice.  I also asked for a Rosti on the side, as well as a latte.  I wasn’t sure which brand the coffee they were using, but I found it a little harsh, though not bad.

I was surprised that the omelette did not come with bread.  I had to ask for this separately.  The omelette was pretty good, it included Cheese, onion, potato, spinach and mushroom.  Good combination, well made, and good flavours overall.

A Spanish Dino Special