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The Botanical, South Yarra

Tried going to The Millswyn this morning, but was actually closed in the morning. I was a little disappointed. But thems the breaks. Luckily The Botanical was just up the road, and was open. Not feeling the best today, ordered the usual. Scrambled on toast with mushrooms. I forgot to take a photo though. It was actually quite nice. The eggs were semi scrambled, but was nice and creamy. The mushrooms were the large type. I often find them flavorless. Although mushrooms themselves are flavorless. Maybe with the smaller ones there is more purchase with the flavors.

It’s actually a good spot. I would definitely recommend The Botanical.


The Botanical


Livingroom, 22nd April


I have been to the living room before, and was a little disappointed that I didn’t remember the experience. If I had of, I would have gone somewhere else. Not because of the quality of the food, though I wanted to try something different.

I ordered Fried eggs on toast with a side of home made baked beans and home hash brown. Of course, a latte to match, I didn’t quite get the brand of coffee though. I didn’t really care for it too much this time around. It was a little acidic.

The breakfast was actually quite nice. The home made stuff was quite good, and the eggs were done just right.

Overall a good experience and good food, though I would recommend booking. The last couple of times have been a little difficult to get a table. It seems like a popular spot.