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St Jude’s Cellars, Fitzroy

St Judes Cellars, with a name like that, you would expect that it is a alcoholics paradise, wine in the morning with a nice breakfast.  I wouldn’t mind that actually !!

St Judes Cellars is extremely spacious.  Lots of room, very cosy, with a nice area for getting together with friends and having a nice relaxing breakfast.  The menu is rather small, but covers all bases.  On this cold morning, it was quite a warm place too.

I ordered a Baked Eggs breakfast.  I have tried a few of these now, Cumulus, Circa the Prince, New York Tomato, and have enjoyed them all.  So thought I would give it a try,  As usual, a latte was the drink of the day.

It wasn’t too bad, though I found that it was cooked a little inconsistently.  But overall, it was good.  Can’t expect it to compete with Cumulus or Circa the Prince, as they are good quality places.  Nothing against St Judes Cellars though.  It is a good place to visit and enjoy breakfast and coffee.

St Judes Breakfast


The Meeting Pool, Eltham

Located in a remote part of Eltham, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was a little difficult to find, though, not totally off the beaten track.

The Meeting Pool is a part of the Montsalvant, and just briefly reading the webpage, it seems like an artists colony.  The surroundings are beautiful, and very conducive to artistic thought and inspiration.

I ordered a Vegetarian Breakfast, and a latte.  When the latte came out, wow.  I couldn’t believe the design.  Fantastic.


The breakfast looked good.  Normally not a fan of the tomato or the roasted peppers, in this case, it was cooked very nicely, and devoured every bit of the breakfast that was served.  The Meeting Pool is rather a romantic spot, good ambience ,and would definitely go back to have a try of the dinner menu.  Well worth the visit today.

The Vegetarian Breakfast

Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder

Took the opportunity to go to to Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder today.  Turned out to be a wonderful day.  Beautiful Melbourne autumn day.  In a sense, I was looking forward to this, as it seemed like a gourmet spot for breakfast.  I definitely was not disappointed.  RHCL has a nice country feel to it.  They have a great selection of home made jams, chutney’s, biscuits and cheeses available for sale.

The breakfast menu is comprehensive.

Great breakfast menu. Plenty of good choices. I decided on the Latino Eggs.

“Eggs Latinos

Bagdad eggs goes Latino! 3 eggs, smoked paprika, cumin, garlic, lemon, fresh spinach, chimmichuri & coriander on our house made flatbread”

Seriously wow.  This was a good choice.  I enjoyed this thoroughly.  Great combination, good flavours, and well cooked.

I will be going back there again, that’s for sure.

The Bagdhad Breakfast

Collective Espresso, Camberwell

After my disappointing visit to Magic City, I decided to go to Collective Espresso.  Just across the road, it was a convenient spot, good coffee and good breakfast.

It was the house blend for the latte today, with an Avocado and Fetta Mash on Multigrain with poached eggs.  This sounded good, and I was not disappointed.  Very good breakfast.  The coffee was pretty good.  Although Collective Espresso is not listed in the Age Good Food Guide, at least they were open Magic City ! You Fool !

Avocado and Fetta Mash

Magic City, Camberwell – YOU FOOL !

I wanted to go to Magic City this morning.  Listed in the Age Good Food Guide, and suggesting that it was open, I decided to make the trip.  However, much to my disgust, It was closed.  I know that sometimes hours change for restaurants, and I can accept that.  I am generally an accepting person.   In this case though, I was pissed off.  You can see the picture below, which was taken at approximately 9:40am.  You can see why I was a little disappointed.


Magic City Opening Hours
Are you sure ? Hmmm…

Ellery & Co, Hawthorn

Ellery & Co are only open Saturdays, and today I have an opportunity to go.  Located a little out of Hawthorn main (46 Church St), it is a quaint spot.  Seemed rather small, though they mentioned that there are some seats beyond the bar.  I did not have to venture beyond the front, as the  section had a couple of seats available.  The waiters were friendly from the get go, and Ellery & Co seemed to have a a very metro feel to it.

I ordered scrambled eggs with a side of hash browns and field mushrooms.  A decent breakfast, but a little stock standard if anything.  It seems like a place that you could expect consistent food, and a good casual atmosphere.

Give it a chance, I think you will like it.

A Good Breakfast – Consistent



Pelican, St Kilda.

What a miserable morning. rain cold. Bloody Melbourne.  I tried going to the Richmond Hill Larder and Cafe, though ended up at the Pelican today. Being mothers day, Richmond Hill was extremely busy, with a 1.5 hr wait.  I don’t care how good the breakfast is, I ain’t waiting that long.

By stark contrast, The Pelican was quiet.  St Kilda seemed rather “lazy”, though it was a Sunday (thanks Commodores).  I ordered the mushroom ragout omelette with goats cheese.  Sounded nice, and the waiter seemed to think it was a good choice.  He was right.

Was very nice indeed. The goats cheese is unique but was a good ingredient. They used different types of mushrooms in the omelette that made it flavorsome.

Overall it was a good breakfast, decent coffee and a decent breakfast.

Mushroom Ragout Omelette