After the yesterday’s breakfast at Wild Dog Winery, I travelled the other side of the city towards Maribyrnong.  Today it was breakfast at The Boathouse.  The Boathouse os located right on the Maribyrnong river, and has a really nice setting around it.  Lots of parkland, the boat club  in the area, plenty of people kayaking along the river, and plenty of people running along the river in an effort to get fit.

Today, my aim, though not to gain weight, was definitely not to lose any !  I was seated at a table near the counter, and ordered the  Vegetarian breakfast and a latte.  This was in stark contrast to yesterday’s breakfast, which was basically 2 small poached eggs on a couple of pieces of toast.  This was more substantial.  The atmosphere was quite good, with a family friendly feel to the restaurant.

The breakfast itself was quite standard, nothing out of the ordinary, though the surroundings were quite relaxing, and overall was a good dining experience, even for breakfast.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like it was a bad breakfast.  It was good, but nothing really spectacular.

I would recommend this place, not only for its food, but more so for the surroundings, along the river, a good buzz around the place.

The Vegetarian Breakfast