At 9:00 am I was surprised to find Axil so quiet. A few tables were empty, though usually there is a wait time. Maybe it was a national sleep in day !

I decided on something different today. It was the Sweet corn and haloumi fritters. This sounded nice, served with avocado, a poached egg and salsa. Yummy. This was going to be paired with a Guatemalan single origin, latte, which was great. A smooth, nutty coffee, which had a distinct flavor. After yesterday’s Glen Waverly tragedy (I had a late night latte at a coffee joint in Glen Waverly. Didn’t expect much from it though), it was a welcome change.

The fritters came out, and it looked and smelled great. Though I was a little surprised at the texture of the fritters. It broke up a little too easily for my liking. Though the taste was nice, and the combination with the avocado and poached egg was beautiful. The poached egg was perfect in its consistency.

Overall a nice coffee and breakfast experience.