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Hi All,

I finally made the time to write something in the about page !!

My name is Arny, and this year, I have decided to visit the top 100 coffee places as listed in the Melbourne Coffee Reveiw book, 2011 edition.  I have always enjoyed my coffee, and have never realised the amount of good coffee places that existed in Melbourne.  I have not been exposed to places in Sydney or Adelaide, so I am not quite sure whether coffee places like these are available in these states.  Even travelling through Asia, its was hard to find places that served good coffee.  Even in the tourist areas.  Though, I have to admit, that my “love” for coffee has only started in the recent years, therefore never really looked in depth into coffee itself. 

Not only is it about coffee, but more so the fact of finding decent places to visit, have a chat, and enjoy Melbourne for what it has to offer.  I have not had the pleasure of visiting New York, or London, but I can imagine that it wont be the same as it is here.  All the people are friendly, cheerful, and above all, very hospitable.  That is what makes Melbourne I feel.  I have had the privelage of growing up in and around Melbourne, and also frequent the CBD often.  I can’t say I know Melbourne like the back of my hand, however, I would say I know it a little better then some.

The coffee culture in Melbourne is growing.  There are more cafe’s opening up, more varieties of coffee’s being available, different brewing methods, better foods, and above all, a better atmosphere in Melbourne.  I remember some time ago, we would only think of the main areas.  Brunswick St, Lygon St, Acland st, Fitzroy St.  Now in every suburb, inner Melbourne or Outer Melbourne, there is a decent place to have a coffee, offering a variety of coffee beans, brewing methods, good food and comfortable seating areas, simply to have a chat or have a get together with a few friends.  Now it seems we don’t have to travel great distances to find good coffee.

Hope you enjoy my posts on the coffee places in Melbourne.