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Columbian Santuario Geisha.

Today I enjoyed a nice coffee, it was the Colombian Santuario Geisha, which was again another 100% red bourbon coffee.   This was very similar to the one I had last week,

Initial flavor was harsh, though once the tongue sensitized itself, it was smoother. Very nice coffee , though did not compare to the 100% red bourbon. it was good. I will have to try something different to this. Definite cocoa taste, strong berry aroma, a nice lingering flavor on the tongue. At the end it was nice.


Sensory Lab


Sensory lab, Columbia. Santaurio, 100% yellow bourbon

Today on the slayer was Columbian Santuario, 100% yellow bourbon.  Last week I tried the 100% red bourbon, and when I saw the yellow on the board, I thought it would be a good comparison.

“Floral and creamy, with mild acidity.  Sweet and full mouthfeel with clean traces of cocoa”

It was a little similar to the red, however, I thought that the yellow bourbon variety was a little more acidic, therefore straight away giving the vibrant feel on the tongue.  I normally don’t mind this, but this was a little too overpowering.  However, as the coffee went on, this reduced, I don’t know whether my tongue was de-sensitized, though it got better.  The Cocoa traces were evident, and some fruitiness, which created a good all round coffee.  I still preferred the Red Bourbon variety more.  There was no distinguishable bitter after taste, which is good, and are able to enjoy the flavour of the coffee.

A good coffee, well-rounded.



100% Yellow Bourbon, Columbian Coffee

Sensory Lab, Columbian Santuario

Columbian Santuario – 100% Red Bourbon

Walking past sensory lab today, I saw a few coffee’s on offer, and at the time, I wasn’t sure which on to take.   I decided on the Columbian Santuario, 100% Red Bourbon.  It was described as : “Bright plums with juicy mouth feel, sweet and lingering stone fruit finish.  Sounds interesting enough.

I ordered this in a latte, and was hoping I could get a couple of the characteristics as described on the board.  The aroma was strong in this one (must have had a high midichlorian count !) It was a good aroma.  When I took the first mouthful, the first thing that came to mind was the sweetness of the coffee.  It was good.  I really did enjoy this one.  As I was drinking, I left some sit on my tongue, and the taste of chocolate came through.  It was great.  I have to admit, it was one of the better coffee’s I have had in a while.  Some of the fruitiness mentioned on the board for the coffee was not distinguishable by me.  I am not sure why, maybe I don’t have the nose for it !!

Very enjoyable coffee indeed.  If you get a chance, try this one out.  You wont be disappointed.




Brother Baba Budan, City El Salvador.

Having a day off today, and with a nice breakfast under my belt from Nacional, I thought I would try my luck for a single origin at Brother Baba Budan.

The coffee of the day was El Salvador Las Brumas, C.O.E. #23.  Brother source their beans from  Seven Seeds, which in itself is a great coffee place.  Seven Seeds distribute their beans to a few places, and have generally found good coffee where they are used.

The farm “Las Brumas” is located 45 minutes from the City of Santa Ana, in the Ilamatepec region. It has rich and fertile volcanic soils and a cloudy micro climate reducing the amount of daylight received. This helps to slow the ripening which in turn assists in developing a better cup profile. The farm grows two varieties, Bourbon and Pacas. All coffee is fully washed and sun dried on patios.

Looking up the coffee, I came across the site for a Bar and grill place.  This looks like an interesting place.  I might visit there one day, though if anyone has visited here, let me know.  I would like to know what it is like.

They also offered a Aeropress, though I  will have to discover more about this ($9.00). A bit steep !

The cheapo latte

So latte it was.

Bright. Aroma was a little mild. All the sensations seem to merge. Therefore nothing really standing up and taking charge.
The flavor was complex. Little bits of sweetness, though the bitterness took over the mouth afterwards. It was smooth. Definitely a good coffee. It was the coffee of the day, so what were the chances if getting more of this ? Later on in the coffee, some fruitiness came through. I identify this as a freshness, a little refreshing, which I assimilate with fruit.  Very nice indeed.

Sensory lab

After a somewhat boring breakfast, we ended up at Sensory lab.  Actually, I am beginning to enjoy this place more and more.  In the heart of the city, with an opportunity to try different coffee’s, and is open on the weekend.

The aromatic Kenyan

Today, it was the Kenya – Ngandu Rutuma.  The description read :

Well balanced, stone fruit nuances, juicy mouth feel and pineapple acidity, sweet clean finish.  Frankly, I am an amateur, therefore, descriptions like this generally don’t help me much.  I can taste a caramel, or chocolate hint in a coffee, and sometimes even a berry note.  This was hard.  This was written on the Sensory Lab website.

The co-op is located in Mathira West District. Geographically it lies on the slopes of Mt. Kenya.Water from this mountain is used for processing coffee at the wet mill, which was registered under the co-operative societies act on the 10th January 1951. Rutuma was the first UTZ CERTIFIED cooperative in Kenya, and is seen as a pioneer and an example for others.

The coffee itself was good.  It had a nice aroma, very bright acidity, maybe that was the bright pineapple, and overall good feel in the mouth,  Generally, a little bitter aftertaste, though this was expected, given the aroma was strong.  I did have this in the latte form, and maybe should have tried this in an espresso style, or maybe even a filtered coffee.  Along with the coffee, I tried a hazelnut meringue cupcake.  Why ?  I’m glad you asked.  “You had me at hazelnut” I answer, as I am a big fan of the nut.  The meringue part should have given it away though.  I really didn’t enjoy this, the texture was all wrong for a cup cake, though points for trying.  it just wasn’t me.

The Hazelnut Teaser



Circa the Prince, St Kilda

Circa the Prince, located just around the corner of the Prince of Wales hotel, was different to what I imagined I didn’t realize that it was a spa retreat centre with rooms. It had a very discreet opening, with the entrance having dark tinted automatic doors.  I have walked past it a couple of times, but have never ventured in. After walking in I realized it was quite hoity toity so to speak.  Very posh.  Though I have to say, if your after a quick breakfast, this isn’t the spot. I guess it is a retreat after all.

I ordered the Chermoula – Eggs baked in braised Moroccan tomato and kale served with Dukkah crème fraiche and baguette $18.00 (plagiarism straight off the menu). I asked the waiter, about kale, and he told me that  kale is a type of cabbage. I was looking forward to this, as it would be a good marker against the Cumulus Inc breakfast which I enjoyed so much.

The coffee.
The aroma though noticeable was rather standard. I guess they are not renowned for their coffee. A taste confirmed my suspicions. A little acidic, vibrant on the tongue with a discernible aftertaste. It lingered on the back of the throat. Not in a bad way.


The breakfast.
A picture tells a thousand words. And boy did this look good. it smelled wonderful as well.  Again, the eggs, similar to Cumulus Inc, were cooked just right, with the right consistency, and texture.  The baguette was warm, and the creme fraiche looked very inviting.

Well, this topped Cumulus, but not by much. Very similar dish, but the addition of the zucchini and mint creme fraiche and the baguette got this over the line. It added the extra bit. The spinach was a good addition as well, the did not tip the scales. All the characters, Baguette, Eggs, and Creme fraiche worked really well together. This is how I devoured it. Lovely. I tasted the eggs and the creme fraiche on their own, and thy were nice, but the combo did it. Fantastic.


Well, I only paid $20.00 on total, so not bad value for money.


7.5.  It really did tip Cumulus Inc.  It was great.

Age Good Food Guide – Page 38

Sensory lab, little Collins st, Panama Don Pachi-Geisha.

After a nice breakfast, I decided to pop into the city to discover some more good coffee.  Last week I visited Market Lane Cafe, today I decided to go to Sensory Lab.  They always have a variety of coffee’s, and though I would try something new there.  Speaking to the waitress, I decided to order a filtered coffee, the Panama Don Pachi-Geisha.  As mentioned with my experience at Market Lane, a filtered coffee is a little lighter than the espresso style coffee.  The flavours though were quite vibrant.  It had a nice aroma,

This is a website about the Don Pachi estate, which has won some awards for the coffee I have had today.

The board described this as the following :

Cascading floral open, with notes of strawberries, cream and rose petals.

Being a coffee amateur, I could not quite get all the notes described, however, it was refreshing.  Very nice indeed.  The characteristics of the coffee had come through, and it was a good fresh coffee.  It was different to my latte norm.

I will have to try this coffee with the espresso machine at some point too.  This would be a good test, as all my coffee’s that I have had are espresso based.  Ultimately though, a coffee is a coffee, and however it is made, if it’s good, well by all means go for it.

Sensory Lab pride themselves on their coffee, and why not, they do have some of the best coffee around. I liken it to something like a good chef with his menu,  They don’t compromise.  All the better for the consumer.