There are a few places that I have been that I would consider living and working.  I have been to Sydney, Adelaide, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and have spent some time in those places.  Not a great deal of time, however, enough to work out that I wouldn’t choose anywhere else to live.

My other blog, is somewhere where I share my Melbourne experiences.  Mainly dining out, but also some thoughts on this great town.  There are so many places eateries, cafe’s, parks, gardens, social meeting places, that the excitement never ends.  There is always something to do that is inspiring in Melbourne and is different.

From the social eating places in Fitzroy, St Klda or Carlton, to the high-end restaurants, located at Collins St, Crown Casino, or Southbank, from the cafe’s of Acland st, to the variety of suburban cafe’s located all around Melbourne, there is something for everyone.  Even the newly established Docklands has great places to have coffee, Cafenatics comes to mind.

All I can say, is enjoy the city as much as you can, and try to preserve it the way it is right now.  I can’t stress enough how at the moment, Melbourne really is the best place to live.


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