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Syracuse, Melbourne

Another chilli Melbourne morning.  Not as bad as the previous morning, were the fog had taken almost all day to lift, and even when we played golf, I don’t it lifted at all.  I joined one of my work colleagues for a coffee in the morning, and as I had the day off, I decided on having another breakfast from a page in the Age Good Food guide.  Syracuse it was.  I had planned to go there before, but got sidetracked, though not today.

After a coffee at 65 Degrees with my colleague / friend (a conversation about golf, work and photography), I made the cold walk towards Syracuse, located in the banking district of Melbourne. (to eat at some of these places, you need to rob a bank, so actually was in a good spot),  Traditionally though, breakfast at most spots are rather standard in cost.  Even Circa the Prince was only $22.50 for a breakfast and coffee, which wasn’t too bad.  Upon entering Syracuse, my frozen hands and face were glad to be in a warmer environment, and immediately started to thaw.

Syracuse has a very traditional place.  Spacious, comfortable seating, rather seemed like a relaxing place to be.  Though I am aware that in the evening, I would imagine that the town’s high flyers would be dining there.  Today though, it was poor me. !

I ordered scrambled eggs with a side of mushrooms.  Nothing special really, tasted pretty good, was made fresh, and really couldn’t spot much wrong with it.  I have to admit, I was expecting more of a treat, like Circa, or Cumulus, where they have these delightful baked egg dishes.  It was a good breakfast though, and I couldn’t complain.

The service was as expected, nothing really pushy, but good, genuine service.

Maybe I might make the trip in an evening one day to really enjoy the delights of Syracuse.

Plain and simple


Omni Restaurant, Essendon

I travelled across the other side of the coty today to visit Omni Restaurant.  This was a n interesting experience.  There was no one actually in the restaurant, and I thought for a minutes that it was closed.  I opened the door, and shazam, it was open.  Omni seems like an evening spot, with limited business for breakfast.  The Breakfast menu has plenty of options, but nothing that cried out Signature dish.

I decided on the baked brown mushrooms with Spinach, Feta and poached eggs.  This sounded rather interesting.

The Latte I had was rather weak.  It was a rather a glass of warm milk with a hint of coffee.  I was disappointed with the coffee to start with, and therefore started to discount the quality of the breakfast before receiving it.  Expectation was not high !

The breakfast came out and I was a little shocked at the amount of spinach in the dish.  It was an interesting dish, with the mushrooms being baked with the feta and the eggs simply plopped on top.

It was ok, and imagine that the food would be ok here, but I do not think Omni was a breakfast spot.  It was a little simple, and really the type of food could be got anywhere.

The Omni Breakfast

The Meeting Pool, Eltham

Located in a remote part of Eltham, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was a little difficult to find, though, not totally off the beaten track.

The Meeting Pool is a part of the Montsalvant, and just briefly reading the webpage, it seems like an artists colony.  The surroundings are beautiful, and very conducive to artistic thought and inspiration.

I ordered a Vegetarian Breakfast, and a latte.  When the latte came out, wow.  I couldn’t believe the design.  Fantastic.


The breakfast looked good.  Normally not a fan of the tomato or the roasted peppers, in this case, it was cooked very nicely, and devoured every bit of the breakfast that was served.  The Meeting Pool is rather a romantic spot, good ambience ,and would definitely go back to have a try of the dinner menu.  Well worth the visit today.

The Vegetarian Breakfast

Pelican, St Kilda.

What a miserable morning. rain cold. Bloody Melbourne.  I tried going to the Richmond Hill Larder and Cafe, though ended up at the Pelican today. Being mothers day, Richmond Hill was extremely busy, with a 1.5 hr wait.  I don’t care how good the breakfast is, I ain’t waiting that long.

By stark contrast, The Pelican was quiet.  St Kilda seemed rather “lazy”, though it was a Sunday (thanks Commodores).  I ordered the mushroom ragout omelette with goats cheese.  Sounded nice, and the waiter seemed to think it was a good choice.  He was right.

Was very nice indeed. The goats cheese is unique but was a good ingredient. They used different types of mushrooms in the omelette that made it flavorsome.

Overall it was a good breakfast, decent coffee and a decent breakfast.

Mushroom Ragout Omelette

Cafe Latte, Toorak

This post was written a few days after my visit to Cafe Latte in Toorak.

They seemed to be a little busy this morning, was a nice morning to be out, though a little cold.  Seemed like a popular spot for locals to come for breakfast, as they all seemed to know each other.  Sounded like they had just undergone a renovation, with a few of the locals going deeper inside for a yonder.  The atmosphere was good, a nice homely feel to it.

The coffee they served was their own blend.  It wasn’t too bad, though it had an interesting acidic quality to it.  Comparable to some of the better coffee’s going around.  I ordered a baked eggs with cannelloni beans, herbs and tomato sauce.  It was actually quite good.  Though, again, it did not live up to my top breakfast so far, at Circa the Prince.  It was pretty good though, and would like to go there for dinner one day too.  I think it would be a good spot for a nice dinner out.

A nice breakfast

ES-x Cafe, Exhibition st

After having a decent Guatemalan coffee at 65 degrees, I wanted to go to Society for breakfast.  Society is in the Age good Food guide, and also listed as breakfast available, as well as opening at 7:00am.  Not on this particular morning.  They were still shut at 7:05.  The lights were on, but the doors were locked.  I know this might be a little harsh, though, I did have parking restrictions as well a job to get too.

I decided to go down the road, on Exhibition st.  The place was called ES-x.  Rather a play on letters I think.  It seemed like it hadn’t been open for too long.  Not much signage, and no visible menu’s.  Speaking to the waiter (or owner, not sure), I ordered an eggs Florentine and a small orange juice.

For a change, the spinach was actually washed.  Inevitably, when you order an eggs Florentine, or any spinach dish, you end up with some grain or sand in the spinach, a sign that it has not been washed properly.  This was not the case this time around.  This was a good change.  It was actually a good breakfast.  It was good value for money.  Simple, good and quick.  Couldn’t ask for much more.


Washed spinach for a change

The Italian, Collin St

Joined Michael for breakfast again this morning. I decided on The Italian, continuing from my Italian themed week last week.

I was a little confused with the entrance, as although the address is 101 Collins st, the entrance is actually from Flinders Lane.  So keep this in mind when you visit.

Listed in the Age good food guide as a 15.5 out is 20, a one hat restaurant. It was a high-end type place, with a nice setting. Breakfast was served in the “bistro section”, located in front of the restaurant proper.

Michael ordered some type of toastie, which looked liked it was served upside down. I ordered the omelette with asparagus and spinach.

Apparently The toastie was good. It actually looked like more of a eggs Benedict without the eggs. ( work that one out !)

I ordered an omelette, with spinach and asparagus.  It was an omelette, that had some cream in it, it seemed like, because it had a creamy texture to it.  It was an enjoyable omelette, if you can say that.  It was different from the many I have had before.  Definitely worth a try if you get the opportunity.

Rating  6.5  Enjoyable.

Sorry, no photo this time around..